moms day out

 Stop what you're doing. Call up a couple of friends. Go away for a day. Seriously. So worth it.

Yesterday, 2 of my March birthday buddies and I went to Topeka (my first time ever) for the day. We didn't do anything fancy like mani-pedis (although we would have liked to!), but gosh, I had fun. We hit the mall, Target, Party America, The Toy Store (for real the name of the store - but great store), Olive Garden, and the movies!

I haven't laughed like that in awhile. I haven't not wiped noses for that long in awhile. It felt great to not have any responsibilities for a few hours. Just be me and my friends (even if we did look through kid clothes at every store).

We saw the movie Beastly. Very predictable but that doesn't mean it's not good. I enjoyed it. Except for the parents down the row from us who had their 4-ish year old son with them. Poor kid. Not a kid movie at all! A man gets shot in the movie, and the little boy asked "what happened?" Thankfully there wasn't much cussing and no sex but for real, I felt so bad I wanted to ask if I could go play with him in the hallway (although that would have seemed creepy, I think). So please take your kids to a kid movie NOT a teen flick (Tangled was playing at this same theater). Even if they are as well behaved as this boy.

Got home very late (ok not VERY late but late for me) and had a cute birthday cake waiting for me (thanks honey). Cut into that today after church (yum). Anyway, this was an awesome weekend! And I encourage you to all take the time to just be with your friends.


Stacey said…
Sounds like so much fun! Glad you could get out for the day :)
Jas said…
the toys store is the best!! i gotta know what you got there-everything in there is awesome!!
Cori said…
That does sound fun. Actually, me and two of my friends went to town and did something very similar! :) It IS nice to get away every once in a while.

Also, I just wanted to say, I went to Superbad and there was a very young boy there. I would guess he was 3!!! I felt so uncomfortable and angry. There is cussing, nudity, sexual references, sex scenes, underaged drinking - the worst things for a child - in that movie!! It should be straight up illegal, parental supervision or not!!

Okay, there is my rant for the day...

Glad you had fun! :)
Erin MacPherson said…
Sounds AMAZING. Just going to Target without the kids sounds like a huge treat. Happy birthday!

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