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Hello! I feel I've been MIA even though I've been posting posts. Life is good, really good, lately.

Moose is doing so well in preschool. I have seen many improvements in speech ("can I go outside" vs. "go outside?") and he's getting more independent (like at the park). He loves going to school! Still doesn't tell me anything but Miss Donna writes down some notes in a planner so I can ask him questions about his day. He ends up telling me some things throughout the day ("so-and-so is back" meaning they were sick or gone the day before). It's neat. I don't miss him like crazy like I thought I would either, Squirt keeps me too much on my toes.

Squirt and I do playdates or visit the library. We may go grocery shopping or just hang out at home and read books. It just depends on the day. It's nice to still have that flexibility with him. Most days we have fun together...some days I'm ready for Moose to be home so he can diffuse his brother's energy. They are very good for one another. He's learning new words all the time (puppy, baby, mommy...yeah that one is a little behind but better late than never). I like watching Signing Time videos with him!

Both boys are in to Veggie Tales episodes now. I love VT so that is just fine with me. I love that they teach God's Word and how to treat one another. I love the song "I Can Be Your Friend" (not sure of the episode but we have it on a CD); teaches kids that everyone is different but special and we should be nice to everyone. Moose really likes the episodes Josh and the Big Wall & Dave and the Giant Pickle. So cute.

Running is going well. I have enjoyed a few outside runs and I like the gym I use the treadmills at. I did my Jillian DVD yesterday after a 2 week hiatus. I think I'm getting bored of the same one; I need to buy a new DVD or borrow one. I play volleyball on Monday nights but our tournament starts next week, so that will be over soon. I'll definitely miss that; it was a little kid-free fun!

Not much else going on really. Reading in Romans in my Bible lately. I believe I've read it before but I'm getting so much more out of it now. I just finished reading "Heaven is for Real" and before that I read "Flight to Heaven" and "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven" - all books about people going to heaven and coming back. Very cool. I love how their images of heaven are so similar (and Biblical) - makes me want to go even more (of course, I'm not like in a hurry). Just some cool things I've learned through the books. I also finished "Mission of Motherhood" not too long ago - very good study!

Anyway, that's all that's new with me. What's new with you, friends?


It is so funny how kids do not really talk about their day at school. Aiyana is the same way and I asked some of the other parents at the school and they reported the same. I am glad his speech is coming along, I am sure school helps a lot with that.
Kara said…
I enjoyed your "life update"!
Good stuff!
Corrina said…
Glad you guys are getting settled :) I assume your Jillian DVD is 30-day shred? You should check out 6 week 6pack abs--it's my new fave of hers. Some similarities to Shred, but not as fast paced and definitely kicks your tail! When I do it a few times a week, I notice my core is more toned. My kids LOVE the Veggie Tales Easter CD--they listen year round, haha!

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