Gypsie's Crafty Creations (review)

As all of you know by now, my son, Moose, has autism. So while I was browsing Etsy one fine day, I came across this adorable watch design! I contacted Gypsie to see if she would allow me to review her store - no hesitation - she's so sweet!

 This watch is so neat; I've never seen anything like it! First of all, the ribbon with the puzzle pieces and heart with puzzle pieces (which represents autism) is adorable! I don't know much about graphic designing but I just love the puzzle pieces in the background and I think that Gypsie has a good eye for designs.
 My only concern with the watch is that my band has a small tear in it, but it is quality enough that it's still going to last with that. The design is neat because I can actually take it out of the watch and could potentially replace it with a picture of my kids or another pretty design; that's pretty neat! Something to fit each day's personality, if you will.
The watch face itself is quite bit; if you have small wrists like mine, it can be overpowering. I don't mind over-sized jewelry but it does take some getting used to wearing. Gypsie has been really wonderful to work with and her shop is just darling.

I know I have a love affair with Etsy shops because they are so unique. I love the idea of people just doing what they love to do but getting paid for that; too often in today's society that doesn't happen. I know not everyone on Etsy can make a living off of their shops but I really do encourage you to look for gifts and things for yourself on this site. It's a terrific place full of wonderful finds. Gypsie's Crafty Creations is just one of those finds - but a good one!

Disclaimer: I received the autism watch in order to write an honest review. No money exchanged hands - all opinions are strictly my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) with the shop, website, or products as I've had.


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