Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bucket list (cont.)

I FOUND my bucket list!
Randi's (revised) Bucket List
in no particular order
-stand by a redwood tree
-learn to play the piano
-join a MOPS leadership team
-own an Etsy shop with something really cool to sell
-be a free-lance writer
-not eat meat for 2 weeks
-invent a recipe
-learn 2 signature hair styles (not ponytail)
-1 new recipe for 30 days
-learn to sew well (hand & machine)
-learn to quilt
-learn to cross stitch
-take boys to do crafts at a nursing home
-caroling at Christmas with friends
-find an accountability partner
-get a running partner
-go on a missions trip (short or long-term)

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