Tuesday, February 1, 2011

...snow snow go away

Reminder: TODAY is the LAST day to enter my Sid the Science Kid giveaway - only one entrant so far!!

I was hoping to have first day of preschool pictures up for you today...but there was an ice day yesterday and a snow day today. We'll see if he has school at all this week! So we're cuddling inside, reading books and watching movies.

What do you do on snow days?


Rae said...

Enjoy your snow days! My kiddos aren't in school or preschool yet, so we haven't had any snow days. I however would love a snow day off of work! :)

Honey Mommy said...

We aren't having a snow day, but it is SO cold no one in their right mind would want to be outside!

angie said...

Ice storms are the worst. Hope being cooped up isn't too terrible!

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