Saturday, February 19, 2011

preschool update

Moose LOVES preschool!! He rarely tells me anything about his days (he's told me that they read Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and that one of his teachers was sick one day)...but I know he enjoys his time there. They have yet to get the pleasure of dealing with one of his tantrums (very thankful) but we had a playgroup AT the preschool last Friday (they only have preschool M-Th) and the teachers were milling around and got to witness one. And one of the teachers, Miss J, took him for a "scooter" ride (a big skateboard thing she can pull him around on) to calm him while I sat down for story time with Squirt. So I know they'll be able to handle his fits (which really aren't all THAT often but can be tiresome).

I like having my mornings to do one-on-one time with Squirt, although I do need to be more intentional with our time. We've gone to the library story time, MOPS, read tons of books, played with play-doh, just spend time together.

The one thing I do not enjoy about preschool is...I feel left out. Sounds silly right? But before, I could work on him with his words that his speech therapist gave him to do. Now, I don't get "homework," I guess. I'm not sure what they do all day so I don't know how to continue that work at home. They tell me to keep working with him ... but how?

I miss knowing what stories he's read, what games he's playing. I want to know if he has friends (he only tells me "Miss D, Miss A, Miss J" when I ask if he played with his friends - those are his teachers). Does he listen to them? Does he actually do what they want (color, listen to a story, play in certain areas)? I wish I could tape his days so I could see.

Am I crazy? It seems that my parents didn't ask us how school was or at least I don't remember them doing so. But even if they did ask, I was able to tell them! Moose can't. So it's hard to be so oblivious to what his days are like, what he's doing. I do appreciate his teachers, though, I know that they are doing important work. I enjoy seeing his coloring sheets that he brings home. They do send home a newsletter every week telling us what they'll do the following's just not detailed enough for my liking.


Katie said...

Nollie rarely told me what he did in preschool, even in kindergarten he doesn't tell me much. I haven't heard any bad news and everything jas come back good so I assume it's all good, but I agree it is hard not knowing exactally how his day is. Especially bc I sometimes sub K so I know how they can be.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Eli doesn't tell me really anything about his school day either and he CAN talk! I feel the same way you do-- I know he's having fun but I have NO IDEA what he's learning about or what he plays with! I can't wait for the end-of-the-year parent/teacher conference so I can hear from the teacher about how he's doing!

Kim Aberle said...

You are not crazy. I think that this happens when stay-at-home-mom's send their first baby to school. I know that I will struggle sending my baby next year. I think it is the not knowing everything that he is doing and if he is making nice friends that will bother me the most. I am sure that these feelings will go away as time goes on.

~Amanda~ said...

Ask for a lesson plan. I did that with Aedan because he wouldn't tell me ANYTHING about preschool. He still doesn't tell me too much about first grade either, but the lesson plan helps to ask more guided questions. "What book did you read today?" "What did you do during center time (or free play)?" "What did you make during art time?"

It gets better. I'm a major control freak so it was hard to leave my kids' days up to someone else, but it is SO good for them.

N.D. said...

I was worried about feeling left out also!! we have been the main educator and then bring them to pre-school. I'm going to feel sad.

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