Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: welcome home

This is our home for at least the next year. 
The best thing about this house...
is not the house itself but
the warm welcome we've received.

Food, help, phone calls, and more food!
I love our friends!
I have many thank you notes to write.

The worst thing about this house is this

If you ask my kids,
the stairs would rank high 
in their "likes" list of this house.

BUT the baby has finally learned
to go down backwards on the stairs.
Unfortunately, he had a bit of
an accident yesterday 
(while I wasn't home, of course).

The paint in the stairwell is textured
and it's sharp!
So when you miss the last 3 steps
your head gets scratched up.
Poor guy.

Anyway, just wanted to update you a bit on our home. 
I will give a grand "tour" when 
I get pictures hung up.


~ Noelle said...

i love the design... great porch!
it looks so inviting.
sorry for the accident... that is what worries me about getting a house with stairs

Rae said...

Beautiful home!

Poor guy!

Stacey said...

Wow, it looks awesome from the outside! It must be nice to have all that space.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

The house is so charming!

Your poor guy! I hope he is doing better. Stair accidents are not fun.

K. Langston said...

Loved your blog! Wishing you no more incidents on the stairs! PS, I run too, but ow, I've pulled something in my foot. Suggestions look like an expert! Blessings to you,
Kelly L

Jessica Heights said...

Oww, that must have rally hurt!

mamalj said...

Good one, kid! :) The first of many falls down the stairs I imagine. Cedric still falls down the stairs at least once a week. Probably because he refuses to pull his pants up to where they BELONG! :)

Running Diva Mom said...

just wanted to say hi and hope you're doing well! Need to catch up on your blog here! :)

proudpatriot07 said...

That house is super cute! I love the colors of it and the outside :). So unique...

Amy Lauren

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