Monday, January 24, 2011

Slim Me Down Challenge: Week 3

I'm not doing so hot at this. I've gone from needing to lose the last 10-15 pounds to 15-20 pounds. I guess that's what happens when you move, put off exercise, and eat all the yummy brownies & rice krispie treats that friends bring by! Oops.

So I'm up about 5 pounds from 2 weeks ago 
(remember I didn't weigh in last week). 
I'm sitting around 149. 
I'm not very happy about that. 
However, tonight I have two volleyball games to kick off my exercising this week. Then I am hoping to NOT miss a planned workout this week. I'm going to start going to the nearby gym since Big A sent "our" treadmill back home with my MIL (and ladies who have asked; we didn't ask if she wanted to sell it but seriously it's over 10 years old and not very good).

BUT another one of my not-so-secret tips is : get back on the horse (read this guest post if you missed my other not-so-secret tips). If you eat a whole pan of brownies, pint of ice cream, or skip one workout or three - just get back to doing what you need to be doing. In my case, it's eating the carrots in my fridge along with working out.

Good luck this week and don't forget to check out the other weekly weigh ins with Life with the Lebedas and Mommy's Free Time!


Life with the Lebedas said...

Your still doing good. It's hard when we have so much going on in our life especially moving! We don't have time to stop and cook a healthy meal. I understand! Stay motivated and looking forward to hearing your progress.

By the way, Thanks Again for guest blogging for me last week!!

Lara said...

This is a tough road, but your positive attitude is key! Volleyball will be great! I wish had something like that to look forward to! Good luck!

The Frazee's said...

thats ok about the treadmill--my husband just laughed when i told him im wanted to get one for our basement-"he said why, "for a coat rack" guess i will wait until spring and start running outdoors----gina frazee

Catherine Anne said...

I say Way to go. I started this week. Its a hard week. I can not even think about going for a run. Just a fast walk is hard. Well nice to meet you!

Ambrosia said...

I didn't have a great week either. I'm jealous of the pan of brownies, though - I wasted all my calories on pizza. Brownies would have almost been worth it. lol I'm sure we'll both do better this week!

Beana said...

Often those pounds that come on fast, come off fast too--when you return to your regular life and diet. I hope you find routine soon! I run on a treadmill that's probably 10 yrs old. It has a few quirks, but it works :)

Dee said...

Good luck! I was doing so good and then messed up and YES, its hard getting back on the horse. :)

marissa said...

just move a little more and eat a little less it'll kick in

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