Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what do you want for Christmas?

I always find this an interesting question. It's hard to judge what to tell another person what you want for Christmas. Too often, the first thing out of the mouths of too many people is "oh I don't know" or "I don't need anything."

Instead of those remarks, why can't we ask for what we want? If you want flat screen TV stands, ask for them. If you want a Kindle, ask for it. If you want a Barbie Bubble Spa for your Mr. T doll, ask for it (that happens to be a reference to a Christmas story told by our MOPS mentor).
I know, I know, perhaps what you want is out of the price range of the buyer. I only jokingly ask my loved ones for expensive gifts and would be astonished (and uncomfortable) if they actually bought them for me.

However, what I like to do is gift a variety of ideas. For example, my SIL asked what me and my family want for Christmas. I almost wish my boys were old enough to answer this question for themselves because it's hard to answer for someone else. Anyway, I told my SIL that I want slippers and dressy flat shoes so a gift card to Target or Payless would be nice (or if she wanted to pick me out a pair herself, I gave her my shoe size). For Moose I said that he is in love with Cat in the Hat so Dr. Seuss books would be great. If that wasn't something she was interested in getting him (for some reason, some people do not like to give books as a gift - although I'm opposite and my first idea for everyone is a book) then I said he likes Thomas the Tank Engine or would love one of those rugs that he can drive his cars on. For Squirt I said that he'd like some new bath toys (those are only good for so long; anyone else have that problem?), peg puzzles, or his own cars. As for Big A, because I already got him awesome gifts (which I'm dying to share with you but am afraid that'd be the first time he'd read my blog), I gave her some other options: iTunes card, running gloves, or one of those Ped Egg things for his yucky feet.

This year, before you are asked for your wish list, follow these steps:

1. MAKE A LIST! It's simple and you can organize it any way you want: most wanted to least wanted, prices, topics, etc. (I used to have a star system growing up - the more stars, the more wanted)

2. STOP denying what you want. It's not a crime to want something or need something. It's the season of giving so let someone GIVE you something. It's also the season of receiving!

3. GIVE them your list and let them decide. Tell them 2-3 things that you want and say "I hope these ideas help" because maybe they can't afford one thing but can another. Perhaps they see something like one of those items and get you that instead because your list helped them get to know your taste better.

4. Be THANKFUL! Don't say "you shouldn't have" or be disappointed. They tried their best. Their time and/or money went into this gift; be thankful. Truly.

5. If you don't write a list, don't be a SCROOGE! Never say "this isn't what I asked for" or you will sound like a spoiled child. Maybe they got you a $2 fleece blanket and gloves when you asked for "What's Up, Cupcake?" They tried - (trust me, this is a good reminder to myself, too). You can always ask for the cookbook again next year (and the next and next and I plan to with my in-laws because I think it's kind of funny). And if you've found yourself in this scenario, if you ask someone what they want, try to stick to their list. If you can't, you can't but do try.

I hope that you all have a happy season of gift giving and receiving this year. Be sure to check my reviews for your gift giving options this season.

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Rae said...

Great tips! I agree, give ideas...if they didn't want them, they wouldn't be asking!

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