Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Meanderings (12/13/10)

Bible Study... Right now I'm reading "Unstuff" for a review. It's about how we let stuff overcome our relationship with God and His Plans for us.

Memory Verse... our church verse for the month is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 
So important for us to remember to always be joyful - not superficially but have that joy that only Christ can bring; for us to pray continually - I'm still learning exactly how to do this but I am encouraged at how often prayers have been on my lips and mind these past few days; and give thanks in all circumstances - too often our circumstances have us down but even in our downtrodden moments, we can give thanks for the salvation that we can find (or have found) through Christ. He helps us through all things; he carries us when things are hard. 
I would like to get a lot better at actual memorizing verses. I don't know why it's so hard for me because I know I can memorize things, it's just making the time and focusing on the verse. We watched "The Book of Eli" this week and it shows how important it is to memorize the Bible because you never know when you might need a certain verse (or the whole thing).

Husband Encouragement... I want to have delicious meals prepared for him when he gets home. I want to have a joyful atmosphere and attitude rather than a tired one when he comes home. I want to be thankful for him and show him through getting chores done (like the mountain of laundry).

Train Them Up... I need to work with Moose on his words - I need not become complacent in working with him. I need to read and play with both boys - with Moose to encourage him out of his comfort zone of lining up his cars, with Squirt to teach him about sharing and also just for fun!
I am so thankful yet again for my sons. They are so good for one another; God paired them perfectly. I am blessed to be able to stay home to care for them and teach them about academic stuff (letters and numbers at this age) but also about the Lord. I ask that He helps me be patience and understanding with them throughout my day and that I remain joyful, setting an example for them to follow.

Personal Goals... I will be running 11 miles on the treadmill tomorrow - I didn't feel well today so I rearranged my schedule to tomorrow. I would like to work out at least 30 minutes (including my planned runs for the week) for a continuous 7 days. Whether that be DVDs, weights, or running. I also would like to eat well this week - proportions are important!! I would like to snack on carrots and raisins and healthy things rather than crackers (not that they are unhealthy but my snacks can be better). 

New Habit of the Month...I am writing my prayers out. It helps me focus on praying continually and being purposeful of thinking about who and what to pray for. Also being sure to include my praises and blessings.

MUST Do... I have a mountain of laundry to tackle, some dishes from baking (Big A's not mine), more baking to do (for MOPS and Christmas gifts), cards to get out to people. I need to call the pre-school we are looking to enroll Moose in (when we move) to see about visiting. I need to remind Big A to see if he can check out the house we may be renting. I need to call the dentist to see about scheduling an appointment for a procedure he wants to re-do. And cancel an appointment with the boys' current dentist & make one for them with my dentist (closer).

Zone... I need to dust everywhere. I need to vacuum and sweep floors. I just need to nest.

Menu - (always subject to change)
Monday - chicken fajitas
Tuesday - tater tot casserole
Wednesday - beef stew
Thursday - seasoned or marinated chicken
Friday - tacos
Saturday - sloppy joes
Sunday - chili

FUN THINGS! MOPS is this week! We have a cookie exchange. Tomorrow at the library is their Christmas tea (sort of an open house) so I'll swing by with the kids for a cookie or two and pick myself up something to watch while I run. Not much else planned this week! I do want to shop for a gift for Moose's speech pathologist - I'm thinking of a precious moments or those angels without a face (the name is not coming to me at all) figurines. I'm not sure but she's been such a help, not only to Moose, but me.

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1. My 3-4 hour nap today after church; it was SO needed.
2. Time with Big A at his company Christmas party; and for my parents and sister watching the boys overnight for us.
3. My uncle had a blood clot in his leg so he stayed overnight in the hospital and Big A's cousin's daughter (did you follow that?) - she's about 4 and she was at her dad's house. I guess they thought she had appendicitis but when they did the scope, they couldn't even see her appendix because her ovary was 11 cm (usually it's about the size of a quarter, I guess). It had twisted around the fallopian tube and basically it was dead so they went in and got that out and the appendix. Her mom called me tonight and it sounds like she's on the mend but what a scary time for them. I'm just very thankful for the doctors and nurses who cared for our family during these times!

Join my friend, Sarah, with your Monday Meanderings.


Rae said...

Good luck on your long run on the treadmill! I don't know if I could do 11 miles on the treadmill. :)

Kara said...

This was fun Randi. You are organized and so motivated! You are an inspiration!
Your menu looks awesome! I'll be over :-)

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