Friday, December 3, 2010

CSN Bamboo Shelf (review)

I love working with CSN - they are always prompt and courteous (even when I'm not reviewing for them). Companies should all be like that, especially this time of the year when we all could use a cup of good cheer.

While I've worked with CSN a few times, I'd never had a problem with a product. However, when I ordered a Bamboo Shelf from them, it didn't really come together correctly. The screws wouldn't go in all the way, the holes were off on the design so the top shelf couldn't come in. And the screws and alan wrench (possibly spelled wrong...shows how much I use one) were rounding off as I used them. Overall, not very good craftsmanship on this product.

I called the Customer Service reps at CSN. I apologize because I can't remember the nice man's name who helped me, but he was super nice. He put in a new order for a shelf (because I like this shelf in the pictures) and told me to hang on to the damaged one for up to 3 weeks in case the manufacturer wanted to come pick it up (they haven't yet). I received my new shelf a couple of days later.

This shelf was completely different. My husband put it together this time because I didn't feel like struggling again. The screws were still a little difficult to put in but he got them all in. The holes were drilled much better on this shelf so all of the pieces fit together. Now it's in my closet being a make-shift dresser for me! I actually like this better because I can see all of my clothes rather than digging through a drawer.

While the shelf perhaps isn't the greatest quality, it is pretty nice and it's useful. However, I hope you really take this review for the great job of the customer service at CSN. Even if a store has top-notch products, if their customer service is bad, then that's not the store for me. So if you need Christmas gifts this year, I highly recommend CSN - not only do they have really great products, they have really great service. That's something to be appreciated year-round.

Disclaimer: I received a Bamboo shelf at no cost to me in order to facilitate an honest opinion. Others may or may not have that same experience(s) that I had but my opinions are my own.

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