Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photerrific Cards (review)

Christmas is coming faster than you think. I know Halloween just got over, but Christmas inventory has probably been on shelves for close to a month already. Whether that annoys you or not, it gets you thinking about the fast-approaching holiday season. Which means:
Christmas cards!! 
The time of year when you get the perfect family portrait taken, slap it on a card, and send it to all of your long-lost relatives and college roommates. To take the stress out of designing your card (or picking from a stock card), why not let Meredith with Photerrific Cards design it for you?!

Meredith designed our Christmas cards for the 2010 year. She was so patient, making small changes and sending me proofs for my approval. She took the design I wanted and transformed it into choices!

The final choice was this lucky contestant here:

The pictures capture my family beautifully (thank you, Dad!), but the card pulls it all together. I personally prefer my cards to say "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Holidays." Generally I have a verse on there; this year Luke 2:11. I love that Meredith made it so that my boys can shine in their individual pictures but we can have a group shot too. The font is not generic, which I love. I like how this card has a lot going on but it still looks simple. Just like our family!

The best thing about Meredith is her hard work. If you look at our last proof (or all of our proofs), you'll notice our family picture is blurry. Right away after I emailed her the picture, she made proofs and sent them back. She told me that the picture I sent was small - too small for good quality. So I got the boys' individual pictures, hoping they would make the other picture small enough to not be blurry. It didn't work quite that well. After we had agreed on a final design (with the blurry picture), my dad finally sent me a bigger picture. I emailed Meredith and told her that I didn't feel right writing this review with a blurry picture. The picture itself wasn't her fault and I didn't want that to reflect on her work. So she very graciously switched out the family picture for a better one (without that wispy hair of mine, too, thank you again dad). I very much appreciate Meredith telling me that our picture was blurry; you could tell she wanted the product to come out as well as possible.

Meredith not only designs Christmas cards but baby announcements, save-the-dates, birthday invitations, Halloween cards, thank you notes, baptism invites and shower invitations, too. Here is a sample of her works (or at least my favorites):
football ticket birthday invites

baptism announcement
Halloween card
birthday invitation
birth announcement
 One of the neatest things about Photerrific cards is that you don't have to wait for your invites or cards to come in the mail. Instead, Meredith sends you a digital copy of your pictures. Then you can take them to your favorite picture-printing store, website, or DIY to print the number of copies you need! I like this option - if I forget someone, I can print another copy and send it off pronto instead of waiting for copies to come in the mail (unless I order them online). 

I also appreciate the hard-working designer in Meredith. She truly was fast with the updates on my proofs; you would have thought that she was doing this for a family member. Honestly, I appreciated her speed and perfectionism. These cards are truly my favorites I've ever had made. They are beautiful. 

If you need to order Christmas cards (or any other sort of card/invitation), check out the selection on the Photerrific Cards Etsy page. If you don't see what you're dreaming of, you can design the card of your dreams.

A BIG thank you to Photerrific Cards and Meredith for helping me start off the 2010 holiday season with a beautiful family card!

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of our Christmas card in order to facilitate an honest opinion for this review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I had with the company, owner, or product(s).

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