Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mabbett Rose Designs (review)

I received two beautiful purple satin hair/shoe clips this past week. I also received them the very same day I was wearing a purple dress! Couldn't have been more perfect in the timing.

The clips were from a sweet little business called Mabbett Rose Designs LLC. Amber Schmitz is the owner and designer with talent beyond her years.

 I asked Amber to tell us more about herself and her business:
"I've always been very independent and creative, needing to work with my hands and create tangible goodies.  My parents are both self-employed and I grew up watching them be able to attend all sporting events, school events, etc. and while I don't currently have children, I do want to be able to stay at home with them once I do.  This is a big reason I'm starting a business.  Also because I feel such a high level of satisfaction watching it grow, it's like my little baby right now :)  I love it, everything about it.  

I went to college and have a bachelors degree in Spanish and held many different jobs from waitressing, to project management, to working in admissions at a university.  Each job taught me a lot about myself as far as likes and dislikes.  But if I could do it all over again, I would go back to school and study art.  I came to this realization after never being completely satisfied with my day to day work because I couldn't design or create.  

I started Mabbett Rose Designs in the upstairs studio of a house actually by accident.  I had a number of weddings I had to stand up in this summer and one in particular we could pick our own shoes but they had to be nude colored.  I wanted to spice it up a little bit so I went shoe shopping and saw a great pair of shoes that I definitely could not afford.  The shoes had a little flower on the side, that's what made them so great.  After studying them, I decided I would make a flower myself and attach it to a clip and tada, the rest is history!  They were a hit, people wanted them for themselves and then it turned into necklaces and other accessories.  I feel like this is just the beginning, I have so many more designs and ideas.  It's so exciting!  The really great thing about these clips though is that you can do so many things with them- you can wear them in your hair, shoes, on a scarf or hat.  I even have friends that attached a safety pin to them and use them as embellishments on their purse or as a broach.  One friend even pinned a bunch on a few different pillows as home decor.  It's really about how creative you want to be."
I love that Etsy allows creative and crafty people flaunt their talents (and create a business!). Some of us are not that talented, crafty, or otherwise don't have the time to be so, so I also love that Etsy allows us to shop for things that we would make (or just would like to own).
Mabbett Rose Designs is just one of those shops. Amber is talented beyond hair/shoe clips, too. She also makes necklaces - the very fashionable bib-type ones! Let me share some pictures from her Etsy site.

all images via the Mabbett Rose Etsy site
The hair clips I received were purple satin, like I said. They have a little wooden bead sewn on to mae the middle part. I like how versatile the clips are - the purple actually matches more than I would have given it credit for. 
I've worn the clips in my hair a few times; my only concern is that they don't always stay put for long. I have really sleek hair that clips in general don't stay well in, so I adjust a lot. They are a great little accessory for dressing up an otherwise plain outfit. I appreciate that as I'm not super stylish.
I do like the idea of dressing up my shoes, too! I'd never heard of shoe clips before happening upon Amber's site; what a unique idea! This is an idea not just for summer but winter, too! Grab a few clips and you could look like you have WAY more shoes than you do! What a concept! Here are some of my shoes with the clips on them; I can't wait to try all of them out (although my wedges will have to wait until I decide it's warm enough to show my toes off again). Above I also have a picture of my lone pair of flip flops with the clips attached. I think that flip flops would be the perfect shoe to add clips to (not necessarily the same shoes I have, but they are the only pair I have). Very easy and, like I've mentioned, versatile. What girl doesn't need some versatile things in her life?

Check out Amber's Etsy store and website. She does welcome custom orders so don't despair if you don't see what you want. Amber was really great to work with; very patient and quick! Please go enjoy a pair of Mabbett Rose Design clips or necklaces.

Disclaimer: I received the purple satin shoe/hair clips in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I had with the owner/designer, product, and/or company.


Rion said...

They had these things (basically) in Hawaii! They were $1.99 and they of course were shaped like the Lei flowers. I was so tempted to get one cause they looked so cute.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I love how these clips can instantly glam up an outfit - cute!

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