Monday, November 1, 2010

Knickerocker (review)

 I had the opportunity to work with Nichola, owner & founder of Knickerocker. It is a fabulous Etsy store that came upon when searching for items for my Wonder Woman Halloween costume.

Knickerocker is full of these fabulous knickers. They are handmade (in LA). They are a nylon spandex with cotton gusset (i.e. SUPER COMFY).  Unlike a lot of handmade items, you can machine wash these (gently in cool water). I like that because I don't like to handwash things often.

No joke, these are my favorite knickers (yes, knickers!) right now. They cover everything, which I appreciate. And I think they are adorable. Who wouldn't want Wonder Woman knickers? Ok so maybe not all of you want to feel like a superhero under your clothes. That's fine; there are many other designs on Knickerocker. Nichola just started to list bras on her Etsy store, too.

 (images via Knickerocker's Facebook page)

If you loved the move Whip It, check out these shots of Knickerockers in action at a roller derby! If you haven't seen the movie, go rent it and then come back to see the pictures.

(images via Knickerocker's Facebook page)

 Nichola was really great to work with - my knickers arrived just days after I placed the order. These are honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of underwear that I have ever owned. Definitely think about ordering yourself (or a friend) a pair for Christmas, New Years, birthday, or just because. And be sure to check out Knickerocker on Facebook - she puts up pictures of items before they go on sale at Etsy!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of knickers in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I had with the product and/or business.


Tricia said...

too cute!

Nichola said...

You look fab and thank you so much for the great write up - xx

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