Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dulce Press (Christmas card review)

About Dulce Press Stationery (from their Etsy shop):
We are a Cape Cod based stationery shop. We work with each client to customize colors, fonts, and designs until they have everything that they ever hoped for. Custom designs to match each of our client's personality is what we love to do, special requests and designs are encouraged! We love all things paper.

Working with Jenny from Dulce Press was a very easy process. I chose the card I wanted to use and emailed her our family picture. She got to work designing our Christmas card and mailed 20 off to me.

I was pleased with the design, colors, and fonts used. Jenny told me that they use Moab premium photo paper. I really like this paper; it's a matte finish unlike many photo cards that you receive. It reminds me of a "real" Christmas card.

I noticed when I got the cards that our family picture was blurry. Now, having worked with Photerrific Cards, I knew this might happen. However, I had emailed these women at the same time (the same picture). The difference was that Meredith from Photerrific emailed me right away, warning me about the size of the picture (hence, the quality of the finished product). I received no such email or notice from Jenny at Dulce Press. Once I knew the finished product may come out blurry, I almost didn't want to see the finished product. But then I thought maybe Jenny had found a way to use the picture without it being blurry. Unfortunately, the picture in the finished cards is blurry enough that my husband doesn't want to send them to our friends & family. I wish I would have received notice of the picture being blurry from this company and/or a proof before the finished product was mailed.

Dulce Press was easy to work with and they do have cute designs for Christmas cards and other products. I encourage you to send the best quality picture (and perhaps ask for a proof) while working with them. I wanted to show you some of their other designs that caught my eye while browsing.

If you're looking for a beautifully designed Christmas card (or other occasion stationery) look to Dulce Press to make it beautiful. Just be sure to ask for a proof or be sure you send a large enough file of a picture.

Disclaimer: I received 20 Christmas cards & envelopes in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I had with the product and/or company.

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