Thursday, November 11, 2010

Custom Created (review)

 Custom Created is an adorable little Etsy shop. Beth makes ornaments, wreaths (not just Christmas ones), monogram letters, personalized name plaques, trees, bows, and MORE. It's honestly a shame this is an online store because I can just imagine it if there were a little Custom Created boutique. It would be my favorite hang-out spot (without my kids) where I could just feel at home. However, Beth manages to make you feel at home in her shop even when it is online (sort of like your favorite blogs).

I received my package in the mail from Beth. When I opened it, she had it all wrapped up. I love the little touches like this when it comes to packages. The Thank you! little sticker around the tissue paper, the Santa baggie with the little red and green reversible bow. It just made me feel all Christmasy inside - a very personal and appreciated touch.

After I got over the wrapping of my cute little package, I opened it to reveal this beautiful monogram ornament. An S of course, for my little S Club. Red and white for our beloved Huskers -- I mean Christmas! Anyway, look at the swirls that she hand-painted onto our ornament! I have no painting talent so I'm always in awe of anyone who can create something so simply beautiful.

 More small touches included the bow at the top of our ornament meant for hanging on the tree we won't be putting up until after Thanksgiving (by orders of my semi-scrooge hubby). I cannot wait to bless my dear little tree with this ornament. I hope that you, too, desire something so sweet for your very own Christmas tree. Or perhaps you would be more interested in Beth's other creations:

beautiful fall wreath
an up-cycled flower made from cans
Christmas wreath - I love the gingerwoman
the ornaments that started my desire for my own S ornament
cowboy/western wreath for year-round yeehaws!
Beth was really a joy to work with and passionate about her work. You can see her paint the pictures in her head when she tells you about her work. I imagine she is a joyful person - only that type can make such beautiful works. I am very thankful for Beth and her lovely S ornament made for your very own S Club! Look to Custom Created for your holiday ornaments, wreaths, or other occasion needs.

Disclaimer: I received an ornament in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions are my own; others may or may not share those opinions. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I had with this business or product.

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