Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sugoi Moxie Wrap skirt

I got the chance to review something I have wanted for a long time (and by long time, I mean not even a year): a running skirt! Outside PR sent me this adorable Sugoi Moxie wrap skirt to run in.

This is a wrap around skirt without any built-in under garments. I like that, in a photograph situation, I wouldn't look like I had a wedgie while running. The skirt was really comfortable; I didn't notice it at all while I ran. I believe that is a good thing because I know how annoying it is when you are fidgeting with anything (iPod, hair, random pockets on your rear) while you run.

This isn't the greatest picture of the skirt. All of my "real" running gear (tank top, pants, skirt) are black, so not the best for pictures. Had I another option, I would have opted for a color but the moxie wrap only comes in black. I may have to look into other pants or shorts to wear under these because I really do like the skirt.

The Moxie Wrap runs $35 on the Sugoi website.

Disclaimer: I received this product from Outside PR in order to facilitate this review. No money was given in return; my opinions are honest (even if they differ from other opinions). Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I have had with the product and/or the company.

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I Love it! I love the length too

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