Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Meanderings (10/18/10)

Bible Study: I've been reading through Genesis in a kids' Bible and the grown-up Bible. I do need to find a good study though but really would love to do something as a group.

Memory Verse: I need to get back into this. Galatians 6:9 is definitely holding true though. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I tweaked it a bit for potty training.

Husband Encouragement: I would like to set up a date night for us. Not sure when, though. Maybe Friday night depending on when my mom gets here for the weekend. I also need to make an awesome supper tomorrow to make up for overcooking (and thus killing) tonight's meal. LOL I felt so bad.

Train 'Em Up: Moose has gone 3 days without an accident on the potty! I'm so proud of him! I just want to keep that up and get him more comfortable going #2 on the potty.
Squirt has probably been off my radar this past week with potty training, so I need to just focus on him. Reading him books, spending time specifically with him.

New Habit of the Month: I have a cleaning schedule I started a few weeks ago. Already off it. Need to start back up, starting with laundry tomorrow.

MUST Do: Squirt has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. Nothing much else that HAS to be done this week.

Zone: Kitchen. I want to clean the cabinet outsides and counters really well. I also need to sweep Squirt's room.

Monday: hard-shelled tacos or taco salad
Tuesday: grilled chicken with marinade, grilled carrots and potatoes
Wednesday: meatballs and spaghetti
Thursday: grilled cheese and soup
Friday: chili and cinnamon rolls
Saturday: a hometown friends' wedding (that's nearby so no travel!)
Sunday: chicken parmesan and salad with bell peppers

A local MOPS group is hosting a Mom Panel for us newcomer moms to ask questions of experienced moms. I'm really excited about this. Then my mom will be here for the weekend because a kid from my hometown (kid? he's older than me by probably pushing 10 years) is getting married in one of our little towns down here. She and I are going to the wedding alone (ahhh I get to enjoy a wedding) and my boys will join us for the reception. :)

3 Things I'm Thankful For:
1. Potty Training is going SO well!! Moose has been mostly fantastic about sitting on the potty. Very little if any convincing has to be done.
2. The church message today about adultery. It was very poignant and our pastor talked about divorce in a biblical way without being harsh. It's a tough subject but it's so sad to say that divorce knows no difference between Christians and non-Christians!
3. My husband. He's fantastic. A great friend, a great husband, a great daddy. Everything every little girl wants in a man and more.

Join me and my friend Sarah from In Light of the Truth for Monday Meanderings.

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In Light of the Truth... said...

SO EXCITED to hear Moose is doing so awesome on the potty! Great work! Praying it's a good week for you!

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