Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Meanderings (10/11/10)

Bible Study... I need to finish reading this book about the King James Bible (review soon), but that's not really a Bible study, more history. I have been reading about a chapter of the Bible to my kids each day to go along with Moose's new picture Bible that he got in Sunday School.

Memory Verse... Focusing on the Fruits of the Spirit - especially PATIENCE

Husband Encouragement... I'm potty training (again) so he doesn't have to. Hopefully he'll cut me some slack because this is HARD.

Train Them Up... Potty training Moose (what is this, the 3rd time?). Squirt needs to be utilizing time outs because his baby fits are too much.

Personal Goals... I'm reading New Moon (yes, re-reading the Twilight series) but I need to stop reading them at night. Then I can't sleep because my mind is wandering. I also need to get all 4 runs in this week. I ate horribly at my parents' this weekend and need to keep trucking to my goal weight.

New Habit of the Month... Potty training - that's a new habit right?

MUST Do... Potty train. MOPS (maybe? depends on if I feel like getting out). Dentist appointment to finish my root canal on Thursday. I know there's something on Saturday but can't remember what.

Zone... Kitchen - keep dishes clean & place mats clean. I moved Squirt to Moose's booster seat so Moose will be sitting at the table like a grown-up/big boy. I also need to keep the bathroom clean so we can potty train.

Menu - Monday - fish sticks
Tuesday - meatloaf
Wednesday - chili
Thursday - something in the crock pot
Friday - grilled chicken or burgers
Saturday - soup, breadsticks, and salad
Sunday - something easy

FUN THINGS! Potty training...wait...reading Twilight? Maybe MOPS. Watching tv at the dentist.

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1. Moose's willingness to sit on the potty.
2. a good washer and dryer
3. hand-me-down clothes from my little sister

 Sorry this post isn't really upbeat. I am already discouraged at potty training. I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't know how to do this.


Meredith said...

Oh my dear.... our oldest wasn't fully potty trained until he was 4. By the time we were able to start doing it (because of the washer/dryer that we didn't have until February) he had already gotten to the stubborn stage. Training for going number 1 was so much better than for number 2 - he just wouldn't go and wouldn't go until he was wearing a pull-up.

Now - he still isn't night-time trained. We are trying, but he is on the strong willed side, so rather than make it an all out war, we are waiting for him to show signs of readiness!

Good luck... it is awful and terrible, but you WILL get through it... and even if people claim that they know what they are doing with their first child, every kid is different.

You are doing great!

Linda said...

Hang in there my young friend. You will get through the potty training and the big boy eating years more quickly than you realize. And if I was able to do it with 3 boys you can too! When they are ready they're ready.

I always had to remind myself that before I knew it I would be looking back and telling myself 'remember when you thought you'd never get through _______' and here I am done with it for months now.

They grow up. And along the way we learn a lot!

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