Monday, October 25, 2010

The Invisible Woman

I went to a Mom Panel at a local MOPS group last week. It was a chance for us newer moms to ask questions of more experienced moms. I took really two things away from that night:
1. Give grace. Too often, I'm hollering (ok, yelling) at my kids over this and that, especially if it's a repeated offense. However, how often do I sin the same sins over and over? God doesn't yell at me. He gives me grace. I want to share that same grace with my boys.

2. Watch this YouTube video of "The Invisible Woman" by Nicole Johnson. I guess she shares it at Women of Faith conferences, but one of the more experienced moms shared it with us. It reminded me a lot of my friend, Laura, who is a foster mom. I know that being a foster mom is HARD work and I pray she knows the work that is being done in those boys' lives through her. This is also a great tribute to my other mom friends - your work does not go unnoticed. I promise.


Linda said...

Thanks for this. I needed it.

And I noticed something about Nicole. She could TOTALLY play Laura Bush in a movie about George and Laura. She looks and sounds a lot like her.

Anonymous said...

<3 i love you

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