Thursday, October 7, 2010


Am I the only runner who doesn't really care to run 8, 7, 6 (etc) mile splits? Sure I don't want to run 12, 13, 14 (etc) mile splits...but I'm perfectly happy in the 9-11 range. I read a lot of running blogs (a lot) and it seems most of them talk about speed work and a bunch of other fancy training things I don't use.

I have no desire to be super speedy. Sure, I'd like to win a small race (5K, maybe 10K) in a small town. But even in our little hillbilly-ish race, I wouldn't have won. The fastest woman had a time of about 23 minutes. Phew! That's fast for 3.1 miles. I come in around 27 minutes at my fastest.

If you're a runner, do you do speed work? What other techniques do you use to train - and why? Do you, like me, have no desire to be Road Runner?


Teamarcia said...

For many years I did no speedwork, etc at all, just steady state miles. And that was just fine. And you are just fine doing that too.
I decided to try a plan that had speedwork, tempo runs etc. because I committed to a half marathon and I wanted it to 'hurt' as little as possible. By doing the more intense training my stride became more efficient and cardio wise I was able to run faster for longer with less discomfort.
It all depends what your goals are.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Although I can be fast (on the treadmill for sure) I do NOT like running fast. I don't get any satisfaction out of feeling crappy after a run. I almost dread this weekend's 10k because I usually do really well, like win it BUT I do not like the pressure of knowing I will feel the need to run fast. Ugh!
Give me a long run in a beautiful place and hours to do it! Thats what I like!

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