Monday, November 15, 2010

Chipper Chat (review)

We were first introduced to the Chipper Chat through Moose's speech pathologist. She uses her Chipper Chat as a reward for Moose, letting him play with the color chips and magnetic wand after he says X amount of words. He loves to pick up the chips or use them to tell us "green and yellow make chartreuse."

I contacted Super Duper Publications to see if they would allow us to review our very own Chipper Chat. We chose to check out the Social Skills Chipper Chat to help improve Moose's social skills. I was really excited to get this product; it's a great simple reward for Moose or mat time activity.

After setting up the game board for him with the chips and magnets, I read him one of the Level A scenarios...and realized it was too advanced for him. Moose does not have the ability (yet) to answer many questions. To do the scenarios, we would have to do them repetitively until he learned how to answer the questions. However, each child is so different and I'm sure that we know a few kids (some even younger than Moose) who could probably answer the Level A questions, no problem.

There is an Activity Book and CD-ROM that come with the Social Skills Chipper Chat. I have yet to use the Activity Book but have looked through it. Most of the activities still seem a bit advanced with Moose, other kids would probably be able to do them just fine.

You can purchase your own Social Skills Chipper Chat or other Chipper Chat products on the Super Duper Publications website. I also got one of their catalogs in the mail. I was impressed by the variety of products they make. Here is more about the company and founders (from their website):

"Sharon and Thomas Webber founded Super Duper® Publications in 1986 with two products and two stickers.
Sharon started creating easy-to-use therapy materials while working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the public schools. Thomas was a practicing attorney before focusing his talents on developing therapy materials also.
Fast forward 24 years - today, we're making hundreds of creative, colorful educational and therapy materials that you and your children will love. (Believe it or not, we have as much fun making them as your kids will have learning with them!) Click here to read more about Sharon, Thomas, and the editors."
 I have a few (as in most) pages dog tagged for things I'd like to use in our homeschooling in years to come, but also things for my younger sister to use in the future (she's training to be an ASL Interpreter and speech pathologist). I like this Webber Phone - it's sort of like a microphone so that Moose could better hear himself (and hear himself say "tat" instead of "cat").
Great for special needs children (sections in their catalog specifically for autism, ESL-Bilingual, Hearing and Sign Language, Stuttering-Dysfluency, etc), speech pathologists or other educators. I'm thinking that I'd like to pick something out for our SP for Christmas because she's been such a wonderful person in our lives this year - and introduced us to Chipper Chat!

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