Thursday, September 23, 2010

SPI (review)

I was allowed to review the SPI Belt water bottle & holder combo. I was excited to get it so I wouldn't have to carry my son's Lightning McQueen water bottle around any longer.
Just like a normal SPI belt, this one came with a little pouch to put some things in during my run. I fit my phone & a house key in there. I don't carry my license or money on me but those could easily have fit in the pouch.
The water bottle was a little bigger than my son's so the weight took some getting used to. I liked that there is a band where you hold, making it easier than holding a bottle. I liked that I didn't have to grip the water bottle much even if it was a little heavier than I was used to. The extra water came in very handy on my 5 mile run last Saturday, too - I was thirsty!

I haven't used it since that run but only because I haven't ran yet (writing this on Tuesday). But I will definitely be using this (although Big A will probably hold it) during our half-marathon on Sunday. I like that I won't have to stop at water stations (at least not right away) or use water fountains while I run.

EDIT: Even if you aren't a runner or gym rat (or other exercise fiend), consider this water bottle. I would use it even if I didn't run. I can fit my keys and my phone in the pouch & I still have water for myself and my boys. So if I want to go to the park (and risk not taking diapers, which I do sometimes), then I have the necessities to go. (Thanks, Erin, for reminding me what I missed in my review)

I was provided the water bottle & holder combo in order to write this review. I didn't receive any money to write this; I wrote nothing but my honest opinion. Others may or may not have the same good experiences I had with the product and/or company.

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Erin MacPherson said...

Fun! I gotta admit that I don't see myself running a marathon or half marathon or anything like it, well, ever, but the water bottle thing looks cool. Maybe I need one for the gym.

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