Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marathon Pictures!

 My sister uploaded her pictures from the marathon to Facebook and I fiddled around (spent way too much time) on Picnik to make them prettier!

This is mile 13 so we're almost finished. It definitely gave me a boost to hear my mom yelling "Go Randi!" (one time in my life I was very glad she's so loud). I started to choke up when the boys saw us (and started to cry for us/me) but then remembered I still had to finish so I needed to breathe. The tears definitely put a kick back in my step (maybe they should have been at mile 10?) and I picked it up for the finish line. After we crossed the line (holding hands...so I teared up again), a nice Marine put my cool medal around my neck.

 The boys were, of course, upset when we didn't stop for them. So they fed Squirt some crackers (notice his sweet crocodile tears).

 And Moose came to meet us as soon as he could. That's about when I finally lost it, when I hugged him and my little sister.

 Then we tried to recover: water, chocolate milk, bagel, bread (although I shared my bread, bagel, and chocolate milk with Moose and my water with Squirt).

The race definitely couldn't have happened without my mom. Although my sisters were there to help on race day, she'd had the boys since the morning before. We definitely appreciate her taking care of them for us (even if they didn't get all of their fruits & veggies in...). :D And my mom bought me most of my outfit, too. She said she was very proud of me and wanted to show me (although I definitely knew it regardless). So yes, I wore an outfit I'd never worn before to run a race (a no-no, I know).

ignore my mom's weird face in this; she was coughing & trying to show off all of her shirt.
And my sisters. I felt very thankful for such support. My older sister made all of their Team S Club shirts and came out to cheer us on (although I'm sure she was still tired from going to the Husker game the day before). My little sister let my mom and the boys camp out at her dorm room overnight and helped my mom take care of the boys.

That is most of the pictures I have right now. I do have pictures of our medals on my camera; I just haven't gotten them uploaded yet. Hopefully I'll have time today. But definitely a big thank you to my family (and my sister's boyfriend who we didn't get a picture with) for coming out to support us. I know even my dad would have been there had he not had to work (boo work). We appreciate the support and willingness to watch our sons so much. Love you all (not that they read this but you know).


jaesi said...

How awesome Randi! You are inspiring.

I didnt realize your honey was running it with you...what great support from him and all your family!

Angie Bishop said...

love the pics and those medals rock!!
SO cool that you and the hubs could do this together :)

Studied to be a Mommy said...

You look so cute!!! And so proud of yourself (which you should!!) I can't wait to start running again once new baby boy is here. Maybe I'll even get motivated enough and run this with you next year... :)Congrats!

Loukia said...

Great pics, congrats!

Teamarcia said...

What a great day! It's so awesome you have such great support. Congrats!

Rae said...

Awesome pictures! Great job on your race! You are awesome!

Cori said...

I am very envious Randi. You are doing it! :) It has to make watching The Biggest Loser that much more satisfying. Instead of me, thinking, I should be working out instead of watching this....haha.

Zaneta said...

LOVE your pictures! :D Congrats!!

Stacey said...

Go Randi!!! That's just so awesome. You look amazing too!

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

so so so so awesome! You're amazing!

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