Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids' Capes (review)

At Moose's last hair cut, the only way I got him to wear the cape-thing that keeps the hair off of you (that's the technical name, of course) was to tell him that it was a cape like Super Why's. To say the least, Moose loves super heroes! So when I found this adorable fireman hero cape on Etsy from Goods Place, I had to ask if I (he) could try it out.

Moose was so excited when I opened the package & it was a superhero cape! Of course, he didn't really understand it was a fireman hero cape (he thought it was Superman's cape), but he could "fly" with it just the same.

I really like the material the cape is made out of. It's not flimsy like the capes that come with some little kids' pajamas (we have a few of those). It's heavy and the sewing is really good (I'm not sure if it's hand-sewn or machine; I hope machine because it's perfect). The hero decal (it's not a decal but I can't think of what it would be called) is so nice. The flames with the fireman - it's just precious.

Isn't this beautiful?
My only wish was that Moose would be able to put the cape on himself. I have to fasten it on - but he can (and does) take it off by himself. So there's a lot of him taking it off, me putting it on, him taking it off, me putting it on etc. I think he's pretending to be Superman, changing clothes. Not sure but it makes sense.

Of course, little brother had to get in on the action. He loved it when I put it on him. So cute. Squirt has no idea who superheroes are (although he has seen Super Why and maybe he does?) but he absolutely loved wearing this cape. It was way too long for him but he didn't ever trip on it. But he was adorable.

Goods Place has many adorable capes: fireman hero, Robin Hood, magician, vampire (hello Twilight lovers), royalty, ballerina - a lot of options. They are all around $20 (some a little more) and worth it - very well made! Your little superhero will love his or her cape!

I received the fireman hero cape in order to write this review; I did not receive monetary compensation. I had a great experience with the cape and the company; others may or may not have the same experience as me. This review is my honest opinion, too.


Life with the Lebedas said...

Oh I love it! How cute! I know it's Monday but I'm still hopping from Friday ... I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

Zaneta said...

how cute!!! love the cape and little moose looks like he's having a blast!! It's great that the etsy shop makes superhero capes for real life heros! :D

Julie said...

That is so cute Randi-- just have princesses here, but I am sure my superhero days are just around the corner!

Mariah said...

I love capes. I love kids. I love kids in capes

Erin said...

There is something about boys and capes! They look so cute!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

They are sooo cute!

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