Thursday, September 30, 2010

10 reasons why I'm glad it’s Fall

10. House

9. Bob Harper - I mean, Biggest Loser
8. Parenthood

7. who doesn't love pretty leaves?

6. Go Big Red!

6.  lack of these

5. dressing in warm clothes without a coat (yet)

4. I love warm pumpkin pie...or pumpkin anything

3. There is nothing I dislike about Thanksgiving (except yams)

2. 'Tis the season to be jolly

1. dressing like this soon
c'mon, for Halloween, not every day!

These are not in any particular order but are brought to you by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

Mama's Losin' It


Studied to be a Mommy said...

I love fall... I want it to stay this weather forever. Wanted to let you know I changed my blog's address to Ttyl!

Muthering Heights said...

I also love fall...and pumpkin anything!

Emma said...

Those jeans and hoodie are sooo cool! *puts on want list* I love pumpkin pie!! Totally craving some now!!

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