Thursday, August 19, 2010

speech evaluation: take two

After our initial meetings with the elementary education teacher and education service coordinator, we met with the speech pathologist. Then last week was our big Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team MDT and Individual Education Program meeting. In addition to the teacher (E), the ESU coordinator (L), the speech pathologist (J), and myself, there was Mr. K (school superintendent), W (special education teacher), and my hubby. Of course Squirt and Moose were ever present.

Apparently, Moose did not fare so well this time around with the speech pathologist. I pretty much knew that because he had a huge meltdown and wouldn't cooperate while she was here the first time. Average scores range between 85-115; he scored a 79 (although we didn't even finish the test, so she had to say he got the last 5 incorrect just so she could score it).

His strengths were understanding quantity concepts (all, one), colors, two-step directions, and use of objects. His areas of improvement were understanding of negatives ("not" in sentences), pronouns, and spatial concepts (in, off, out, etc).

There were parts of her report that I disagreed with. The biggest thing is that her report had it that I'd said his speech had regressed. I have never said that nor has it.

She said that he seems to have a speech-language delay and some developmental milestones are of concern.

We went on to do the IEP portion of the program. We decided that his objectives will be to a) imitate sounds/single words, b) imitate simple sentences with target words, c) identify/express spatial concepts, d) identify/express pronouns, e) identify/express emotion words, f) use simple phrases/sentences to protest and request appropriately, and then something about his behavior (he throws major tantrums while they are here...and a lot more recently). I think we said that we'd like for him to do this at 75%.

We haven't decided a start date yet (the speech pathologist didn't have her calendar with her...ok?), but J and E will be splitting 5 days a month at our house, working with me and him since we're homeschooling (once I figure THAT out).

Kind of overwhelming. It's never easy to hear your kids' weaknesses, but I hope to turn them into strengths by the end of this process.


Theresa said...

Randi, if you never said that he regressed, make sure that is not in the paperwork. As a Special Ed and Elementary Ed teacher I have been part of many of those meetings. Make sure you speak up. You know your son the best. Don't let them intimidate you.

Scary Mommy said...

It's never easy is an understatement. It just plain sucks!!! Getting them help, though, is the very best thing you can do. xoxo

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