Saturday, August 28, 2010

fair fun

Moose wanted to go on the Zipper - "wow, look at that" he said. I told him that when he gets to ride it in 10 years, I'll go with him. So instead we bought him tickets to ride the "train." I was afraid he'd hate it and freak out so I made sure they could stop if that happened.

Oh no, he loved it!! And he loved it so much the freak out happened when the train stopped. He did not want to stop. He threw a fit all the way to the van (oh yeah). But at least he had fun


Zaneta said...

That used to be my favorite ride when i was little!! :D The zipper was also one of my favorites!! Fun times! :D

Theresa said...

I love that they stop the ride if the kids don't like it.
Fairs are so much fun!

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