Saturday, August 14, 2010

7 miles (1:23:25)

I thought that I ran 8 miles so I was super pleased with this time LOL but it turns out it was only 7. Still, not a bad pace, especially when my knee started hurting (and continued to hurt) around mile 3.

This morning was so gorgeous...sort of. There were pockets of air that were just cool and beautiful, followed by pockets of humidity. Weird. The sunrise was beautiful; God sure made mornings some kind of awesome!

My knee did hurt this run but I pushed through; I'm glad I did. It really was a great run, no matter the pace. I'm hoping to strengthen it up in the next few weeks and praying it doesn't hurt like this during the half-marathon.

I also ate a cliff bar (chocolate chip); loved it. I was glad I took it bc my stomach started hurting a few miles in (probably due to its emptiness).


Rae said...

Great run!

Josh Healy said...

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