Thursday, July 15, 2010

Virtual "Half and Half" Race

Is it bad that 2/3 of my races so far are virtual ones? Not for lack of trying to be in real races, but these virtual ones just fit in better. Apparently they give me a little push, too, because today I ran "fast" (quotes because "fast" for me is not FAST at all).

Neurosis of the Stay at Home Mom of 3 held her first annual Virtual "Half & Half" Race today. Big A & I partook in the 5K (half of a 10K) as it fit in nicely with our training this week.

I dragged my feet getting out of bed and out the door this morning but by 5:40am I was running. I added the .1 mile on at the start so I wouldn't forget at the end. It was overcast and humid this morning but it's going to be HOT today (as it was yesterday) so I'm glad I got out and did it. I listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast - a really old one actually from right before the finale in Season 7 when Helen won.
It was dark when I started; I'm beginning to see the need for a reflector or light. I had a super white shirt on so that was good and there was very little traffic this morning. I was afraid I was going to be stopped by the trains this morning but our schedules were in sync.

I felt really good when I finished and saw my time of 31:35 (pace 10:11). Fast!!

I don't know much about Big A's run except he was dragging his feet getting out of bed (storms kept us up late last night with the power flicking off and on a few times - so annoying). He just seemed tired today, poor guy. Maybe he needs a vacation! His time was 30:30. Some day I will beat him (not!). :)

So that is my race report. Thanks to Mom of 3 for hosting this; it gave me the kick in the pants I needed this week to get out there. I look forward to next year's!!

Now...for some exciting news! Big A & I are getting away (SANS CHILDREN) for a few days. What?! Those of you who know us know that I am a little um...neurotic about leaving my kids with anyone. However, we decided that eventually we're going to have to suck it up and leave them with someone. And right now the lesser of two evils with our parents (not that they are evil we just have issues with both sets about things) are my parents. I know the boys will be safe (minus the cigarettes which I hope will be taken outside for their visit) with them. They may get a few too many sweets and way too much tv...but nothing I can't correct later. I just hope no language is picked up either (see my issues here?).

Anyway, so my hubby and I are going to Colorado. It's not really an all pleasure trip though; it's for his work. Has some training to do so I'll have some time to myself, too. Big A asked me what I will do while he's training - duh, sleep and watch tv (not Nick Jr. or Disney or PBS Kids either!). So although I'm sad to leave my kids (sort of...they are driving me crazy this week), I'm excited to get away. It'll be good for all of us.


Cori said...

You motivate me to run! I swear though, I am only motivated to run around 10 am in the morning! I get home and it's just not going to happen...

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

That is really cool I had no idea people hosted virtual races! Did you see my post this are one of those runners I am talking about!

Rae said...

A virtual race sounds so fun! I'll have to keep my eye out! Congrats on running fast!

Muthering Heights said...

How FUN!!!

I'm always CRAZY when I have to leave my kids behind, but the time away will be S nice for you and your husband! :)

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