Friday, July 2, 2010

Scape (review)

I don't know about you, but I am fair skinned. I have always burned very easily but don't always take the necessary precautions to keep my skin safe. However, since I've had kids I have gotten a lot better at it. I slather my boys head to toe with sunscreen (SPF 50) because who wants to take care of sunburnt kids? Not me.

However, when I run it's another story. First of all, I usually run inside or in the morning (yes, I know the sun is still out in the morning but it's not AS bad, right?). Second of all, I hadn't found a product that didn't run into my eyes (ouch) or feel....gross. Until now.

I contacted Outside Labs to see if they would allow me to review their Scape products. And they said yes, so I was really thrilled because I've heard such good things about them around the blogosphere (and we all know the blogosphere is reliable, right? Mostly).

I received the Scape sunblock, Face Stick, and Lip Balm in the mail (oh I love getting mail!). So far I've used it twice - on my worst run ever and my best run ever. That also means I have tried it out in two different times of day - afternoon and early morning.

The sunblock is a 30+ SPF and a lotion-type but is waterproof and sweatproof (definitely something I need when I run/walk/breathe). The face stick looks like a small travel sized deodorant but it's for your face! You can also put the face stick on while WET or SWEATY - that's amazing! And the lip balm comes in a normal lip balm packaging; it does have aloe in it but it doesn't have a taste at all. 

I felt all athletic applying sunscreen that an Iron Man uses (wow). The sunblock was runnier than I was used to but it rubbed in well. The face stick was what I really wanted to try out and it was really easy to put on - just be careful you don't miss a spot because it's clear. The lip balm was...lip balm. Nothing too fancy about it but Big A just burnt his lips over the weekend so I was very glad to have something to protect my pucker.

During the runs (either of them) I didn't feel sticky at all. I am a sweater, bad. The face stick seemed to almost act like a wicking agent on my face, letting the beads slide down. That can be good or bad. I felt like my face was very protected from the sun but I had to wipe my face a lot (but I do that anyway because my sunglasses are fashionable but not functional so they slide a lot). My lips were never dry during the run, but I can't say that I've ever noticed them getting dry either.  After the run I hopped in the shower and I will forewarn you, rub a little bit harder. This sunscreen didn't want to stop protecting my skin! You don't have to rub yourself down with a pan scraper or anything but just rub a little harder to get the product off.

My overall thoughts on the products are that they're great. There was nothing about them that will make me stop using them. My biggest complaint is that the sunblock is only SPF 30+ and I normally use 50, but I'll just reapply (or buy their SPF 50 sunblock). I felt protected from the sun on my runs and that's just one less thing I have to worry about when I run. I appreciate a product that helps me relax just a little bit more. 

You can visit Scape here to learn more about their products, read testimonials, and even contact them.
To buy, just type in your location at their dealer locator (unfortunately, I can't buy any in Nebraska) to find a dealer near you!
Find Scape on Facebook and Twitter, too.

A big thank you to Outside Labs, Inc and Scape for allowing me to test out their products!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary gifts to do this review, only products so that it could be an honest review. Although I received these products as a gift, it in no way hindered me from actually writing the truth about them. I hope everyone has the same great experiences with the products and/or companies that supplied them, but, unfortunately, that may or may not happen.

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