Saturday, July 3, 2010

No Freedom Run

This morning I wanted to go to a nearby Freedom Run, but that plan didn't work out. Big A had to work so I'm spending the morning with the boys. Big A did say that he could watch Moose this morning so I could go over there to run but the idea of pushing Squirt 6.2 miles makes me want to cry. I can hardly push myself that many miles, let alone Squirt!

Instead, this morning I pulled myself out of bed just after 5:30am to go for a run. I had thought that maybe, if I felt good, I'd try 7 instead of the scheduled 6 miles. It was barely light outside as I started and a little humid. Once I got out of town, there was a nice breeze, though. I listened to Focus on the Family: Parenting podcast and really, that distracted me enough to make me sort of forget that I was running. I didn't stop for 3 miles! I felt great. I had looked at my watch at 1 mile and it said just under 9 minutes - wow. My knee felt so good, I kept digging for the last half mile before I turned around (3.5 miles at the halfway point). The bad part was that my turning around point was at the bottom of this long, grueling hill. I wanted to run the entire way up but I had to walk some. I made a pit stop on the way back and still finished my 7 miles at 1:12:56.

It felt awesome! Now, I'm confident that I can run a half marathon (not tomorrow but in September). Yay!


bobbie said...

Oh yea you CAN DO IT!! (the half that is lol)

Theresa said...

Good job. Glad you stuck with it, and pushed past your worst run. You can do it!

Cori said...

That is awesome Randi! I am jealous. I can only run a mile without stopping. :( Hopefully I will get there eventually!

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