Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Meanderings

need some organization in your Monday? join us for Monday Meanderings
Bible Study... I'm reading through Praying the Scriptures For Your Children by Jodie Berndt (VERY good book) & I'm also reading Instructions to Wives, Mothers, and Their Husbands by Gil Rugh (I'm not sure at this point I would recommend it)

Memory Verse... James 3:1-12 Our youth pastor (and friend) at church preached a sermon based on this on Sunday. It was so good to hear and very humbling as I struggled with this a few days this weekend especially.

Husband Encouragement... I would like to NOT argue with Big A all this week; I did enough unnecessary yelling this weekend (understand why Sundays sermon was good for me to hear?).
- make him some good meals this week
- help him make his lunch nightly
- make sure he does not unnecessarily snack

Train Them Up... 
- patience patience patience
- start using time outs with Squirt
- < 2 hours/day for Moose 
- speech pathologist visit on Thursday for Moose

Personal Goals... 
- 4 runs this week
- 1-2 yoga sessions
- read the library book I got for myself (anybody else like Robin Jones Gunn books?)

New Habit of the Month...
- write all of my blog posts on Sunday evenings or during naps
- pray specifically for my boys before I go to bed

MUST Do...
- schedule Squirt's 15 month well-baby appointment
- be prepared for Moose's speech path. visit
- write Cast of Characters review

Zone... - de-clutter our living room
- start cleaning up the mold from our basement (any volunteers welcome)

Menu -
Monday: meatloaf
Tuesday: chicken & potatoes (using one of those new McCormick pre-measured packets)
Wednesday: beef & noodles (crockpot)
Thursday: soft tacos
Friday: homemade chicken nuggets & baked potatoes
Saturday: burgers & fries
Sunday: grilled chicken

- Monday & Tuesday walk in parade for MOPS
- hopefully set up a play date for this week

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
- the IRS finally getting us our 2008 amended refund! Yay!
- the random visit I got this morning from a friend who lives in the same town (for another week or so)
- skirts - I love wearing skirts! They make me feel beautiful and feminine even when I'm sweating like a little piggie

Join my pal, Sarah from In Light of the Truth with your own Monday Meanderings...


Theresa said...

I have started loving wearing skirts too. I have some all cotton ones that you can fold over to adjust the length. They are so comfy. I used to think skirts were for dressing up, but one of my new favorite outfits is a skirt, t-shirt and flip-flops.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Thanks for joining me this week!! So great to see you tonight! You guys wanna come over for a playdate sometime this week?? Our house is put back together now and we'd love to hang out! Any day is good, just let me know! BTW, what's "< 2 hours/day for Moose"??

superwoman_4002 said...

James is my favorite book in the Bible! :D I enjoyed reading your post today! Sometimes it's hard to not argue with those closest to us... but you can do it!! :D

angie said...


"patience patience patience"

is my mantra this summer.

Rachel said...

Your week sounds so busy!!!

And thanks for the tip on the praying scripture for your kids book :)

Have a great one!

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