Friday, July 9, 2010

First of Many (I'm Afraid)

Oh, mama! What happened?

Moose decided to take a trip...right into our end table. 
You couldn't have at least put pants on me, mama?!

Oh well, they gave me a dog. I'm happy!

Except when they hold me down 
(only time he cried was during the numbing and stitches when he was held down).
Big A even had him singing his ABCs while he was getting stitches - teary ABCs are probably the cutest thing ever.

4 stitches and I'm all better (where's my ice cream?)!

But now what will we do with this kid? He's got some sort of smiling pox....

That was our first real emergency trip to the ER (for one of our kids). Moose came racing out of our bedroom (where he was watching Cars), only to trip (like he has so many times before) right into our end table. I'm very thankful it wasn't his actual eye, although his head gushed there a lot for awhile. 
After initially crying (Moose), Big A got a wet washcloth to clean him up a bit, told Moose we had to go to the doctor, and we headed to the ER for stitches (Big A's had enough he knew Moose would need some).
I got the little guy and our diaper bag (thankfully packed for our trip to the dentist today) in the van and held Moose to the ER. He didn't cry at all and only tried to touch it a few times. 
He didn't cry at the ER until they had to inject the numbing stuff in his head and I think it was more not wanting to be held down. I felt bad because he kept asking for his doctor, but we were at a different hospital. The nurses and PA were very nice (much nicer than the time I had to use this ER for myself). 
He got stickers and a little puppy (so did Squirt). He cried very hard when they held him down (and wrapped him in a blanket to keep his arms contained) to give the stitches. Big A was smart and had him sing his ABCs. There were 2 nurses, Big A, and eventually an EMT holding Moose down while he's tearfully singing the ABCs. It was kind of adorable...except for the heart wrenching cries for his mama. I wanted to cry myself. 
But he was so brave! I was so very proud of him! And now that we have that first time out of our we go!
Happy weekend (pictures on Monday from Squirt's bday party!)


Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Yikes. I never would have been able to take those pictures!!

Rion said...

If I am not mistaken.. I think David has a faint scar on the exact place that Moose will have one! Its the best place to get one cause its going to be mostly hid by his eyebrowns but he can show it off if he wants too! :P

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Oh boy! I hope he is feeling better!

EmmaP said...

my daughter had a similar gash once. but luckily, it happened in just the "right" spot and they could use the skin "glue". just a milimeter closer to the eye, and that option would have been out the window! glad he is ok!

The Shopping Mama said...

Oh, poor little guy! But, yes, I think that's the way it goes with boys so it's probably not his last set of stitches.

Anonymous said...

Just getting back to you from the comment you left on my blog.
Yup, just have faith and it is God's timing.

Well looks like he made it through those stiches! What can we say? Boys will be boys!

Take Care

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