Friday, July 23, 2010

CSN Stores (review)

As you all know, I've been running my tail off lately. However, I have forgotten a true love of mine: yoga. I've done it once in the past month (so sad). Partially because I've been focused on running (more than partially, I'd say). Another reason is that I wanted to take my yoga to the next level by using weights. I don't own weights of any kind - or I didn't.

Then I had the opportunity to get the Cap Barbell Dumbbell Set (40 lbs) through CSN Stores. I'll admit I haven't used them as much as I'd like - I'm still trying to work out the bugs in my yoga/running system. But, Big A has used them a few times himself to do a boot camp DVD. Now, my husband is not a small man - he requires large weights. This set is perfect because he hasn't lifted in awhile (running, again) but he still has some burly muscles (yes, ladies, you can swoon but he's mine). They are heavy enough for him to use but let me start out with a smaller set because I do not have burly muscles. 

CSN has surpassed my expectations time and time again with quality products. These weights are no different. They aren't expensive (under $40 with free shipping right now). They are durable. Anyone can use them (not for body building necessarily but for appropriate use); it's a wide range of weights so that you can lift at your own pace. The carrying case is heavy, so be careful, but it's nice to have a ready-made storage unit for the weights, bars, and the things that hold the bars on (sorry, that's the technical term I believe).

I'm not much of a weight lifter but I'm very thankful to have this set of weights to help me on my weight loss/healthy living/exercising journey. A very big thanks to Jason from the CSN Promo Team for allowing me to do this review.

You can buy the Cap Barbell Dumbbell Set for $36.54 (free shipping).

Disclaimer: I was provided a code in order to buy the dumbbell set. I received no money to solicit this review. I was honest in my opinions. I had a great experience with CSN Stores and this product; others may or may not have the same experience.

Do you want to have the opportunity to review and/or hold giveaways from CSN Stores? If so, email me at randi_lynn137 (at) hotmail (dot) com and I will get you the contact information I have. Thanks!

{my apologies if this post kept coming and going; I am still learning about scheduling posts}

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