Friday, June 11, 2010

what would you do?

My mom calls me last night and asks if I knew about my sister's foot. I asked which sister & she said my little sister. I assumed she'd hurt her foot somehow (because that girl is always hurt). Not the case.

Apparently a few weeks ago my older sister & her went to get tattoos. Keep in mind my little sis is 18 so legally it's her choice. But my mom is super bent out of shape about this.

I mean threatening to kick my sister out. I'm sure she laid into my sister, too.

My mom says she doesn't like that she wasn't told that makes her most mad. But like I told her, if Aly had asked, Mom would have said no.

Let me just say that my sisters make me look good! Amber (big sis) got her belly button pierced before she moved out of my parents' house & now this tattoo. Ha!

I listened to my mom vent and tried to help cool the situation down. I think she needs to look at the big picture: Alyson is a good kid. She doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. She doesn't have sex or go partying. She made decent grades & did well in athletics. Versus my high school experience of boys, partying, and drinking, I think my mom should be happy (or at least not so ticked off) about the tattoo. Like I said, it's not like she came home pregnant.

But it got Big A & I talking. He didn't think this tattoo was a big deal. Then I asked him what would happen if one of our boys came home with earrings. He said that was different because earrings are for girls. Personally, I'd prefer my kids not to get tattoos or piercings, but if they pay for them themselves and take care of them (and are of age to get them themselves), I'd find it hard to be hard on them about it. And I wouldn't pay for it of course either.

So I pose this question to you:
What would you do if your daughter or son came home with pierced ears/eyebrows/nose/tongue/bellybutton or a tattoo? 
No big deal or kick em to the curb?


Rion said...

I wouldnt care. Its their bodies and as long as they are old enough to get them, like in your sisters case, I would be perfectly fine. Granted, if they wanted a full body tattoo, I'd try to convince them otherwise, but I'd not kick them out or anything.

My mom got my sister a tattoo for her birthday so, thats my moms take. ;)

Aubrey said...

We have been through this conversation with our oldest. He has wanted to get his ear pierced since middle school. Dad and I said "no way".
He gets good grades, stays out of trouble, is a GREAT big brother, etc. but we want to make sure he waits until he is 18. By that time, he will have REALLY thought about if it's something he wants.
If he were to come before then with it pierced...well...he wouldn't. LOL. We've raised a good one!

Shannon said...

hmmm...definitely not worth kicking them to the curb in any facet but piercings without permission and under the rules of "our" household are subject to disciplinary action...just because some one is "of age" doesn't mean that it's alright to disrespect the rules of the roof they live under and the people taking care of them. past that, i guess i'm not sure. i would be more upset that they had been disrespectful and disobedient than i would be that they got the piercing or tattoo i think.

Rachel said...

I'm not personally a huge fan of piercings or tats, but I think there are far better battles to choose if a person is "of age". I think you shared the right things with your mom.

As for your sis? The only reason I don't have a bunch of awesome tattoos is because I am TERRIFIED of what they will look like when I'm 80-years old in a nursing home, hee hee :)

(That being said, my little sis has piercings and a tat... and I love her dearly. I hope cooler heads prevail in the living situation with your sis :)

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

18 is 18. It's legal. My dad took me to get mine when I was 18 lol but seriously I would never kick a child out for that.

Gledwood said...

Under 18 I don't know that I'd allow anything pierced except ears.

If over 16 and already done I suppose I'd let then keep just about any piercing except tongue. But I would warn them of the dangers: I mean what happens if it ges caught on something ~ yuurks!

Ears I wouldn't be so worried about. Some people get their babies' ears pierced.

There's not much you can do about a tattoo. I'd be more against tattoos than piercing. Also if you're Christian they're unBiblical.

I'd never kick a child out for something like that. I wouldn't kick them out for practically anything. Aren't you sposed to put up with your kids no matter what?
Surely your sister's not serious??

Gledwood said...

Hi and thanks for the comment; I did respond at mine but just to repeat the issue:

tattooing is specifically mentioned in the Bible, somewhere in Exodus-Deuteronomy, as something the ancient Israelites were not to do ~ hence modern-day disapproval among many churches.

piercing crops up in Biblical refences to earrings etc;(eg they melted down their earrings to make that golden calf when Moses was up the mountain communing with God) but nothing as far as I know, saying not to do it...

EmmaP said...

as a minor, I would say no way. If my son turns 18 and does this, well it's his own choice and he's old enough to make it (even though he probably still won't have rational thinking for 6 more years or so! haha)

Anyway, I would never kick my child to the curb. However, I would say "these are my rules and you can't do this in my house". Ergo, no drinking or smoking in my house. If you have a tattoo or bodily peircings... hmm. I guess it would depend on where it was and what the tattoo was of. I may ask them not to wear their piercings in my home or to keep their tatoo covered. Again, it would depend on what it looked like. But I would always make sure they knew my feelings; I don't love their choice but I love them, etc.

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