Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend update

We made it back to my parents' yesterday around 10:30, just in time for the town's jubilee parade to start. Moose got a lot of candy (that he doesn't really know what to do with). It was adorable to watch him pick it up piece by piece - when he wanted to; mostly he just wanted to be up on Big A's shoulders.

The weather did not cooperate. I'd seen that it was supposed to be upper 70s there - it was more like lower 60s. I did not pack for that weather. I'd dressed the boys in tank tops, I had flip flops on. Luckily my mom at least had t-shirts for the boys & jeans she'd gotten them. I borrowed a jacket from my sisters.

After the parade, we headed on over to the football field where they were holding races & such. The little kids' shoe kick was first. I asked Moose if he wanted to and he told me "noooo" but he did. He kicked it probably about a foot or foot and a half. So cute. Big A did the shoe kick too but I missed it because I had to run to the van to get food for Squirt.

Moose took part in the 50 yard dash. He was upset that Grandma had told him no for something so he was crying and didn't want to do it at first. Then I went up to him and told him to run to me. I ran to the other end and he ran his little heart out (in sandals). It was precious. He didn't come in last; he beat a kid in a fish shirt (haha). I ran the 80 yard dash for the 18 and older women's group. I did not win it but I was probably in the middle of the pack. I beat this one lady I so did not think I was going to beat. Big A finished about the middle of his pack too.

Then he and I did the married/brother-sister three-legged race. Holy height disadvantage! I think we beat these little kids. Our belt came undone and we just didn't have the stride. It was so fun though.

Moose started to get hungry at that point so we headed to the BBQ downtown. Yum! Big A & Moose took a nap while my mom & I and sister went to a garage sale. We left Squirt with Grandpa who got him to take a nap (so cute).

That night my sister & I joined our dad at an all-star boys' basketball game. It was good to spend time with them and it was a pretty good game.

We stayed in our hotel room. I had a tooth taken out on Wednesday and it's slowly been hurting more and more. Big A has also contracted the campylobacter jejuni (we think) so he felt awful all weekend. It got worse through the night. He hung out at the hotel while we had the birthday party

Today was the kids' birthday party for my great-grandma (along with my cousins' kids so all of the great-great grandkids). It was a disaster. It rained so we had to hold it in the nursing home. Not a big deal. My parents, grandmas, sister, and I were the only ones there on time. My cousin S and her dad and her son were about an hour late. My cousin J and her boyfriend and two girls were 2 hours late. And J had pushed and pushed for doing a potluck and after everyone had gone through the trouble of making or getting food, her family didn't eat any of it. The cake was not what I'd asked for (Lightening McQueen and Dora) but I got the little toys on top for free and it tasted good.

But it was worth it because my great-grandma kept telling my mom what a great day it was for her. She probably won't remember it tomorrow (she's 94 with Alzheimer's) but at least for today it was good.

Now Big A is still sick and I have a dry socket. I'm ready for another weekend. haha


Teresa said...

Hang in there! Sounds like a busy weekend!

bobbie said...

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Gledwood said...

o i get it you're not running till the end of Sept I thought it was next week or something!!

Alicia said...

oh man that sounds like a busy weekend lady! but the jubilee sounded like a blast...i love doing stuff like that. i hope you're all feeling better lady!!

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