Monday, June 7, 2010

runner's block?

I know I can run at least 30 minutes without stopping, which is close to 3 miles for me.

However, lately I can't. I can't seem to run 30 minutes without stopping or walking.

I know it's a mental block but I don't know how to get past it.

Doesn't matter if I'm inside or outside.

I'm running along. I walk before I even get to one mile. Then I run and walk. Run. Walk. So frustrating.

Does anyone else get like this? How did you get past it?

Someone suggested to mix up my runs with tempo runs and something else...I have no idea what that means.


Rion said...

Well, I cant even run for five minutes straight at less than a 10 minute mile, despite getting on treadmills and whatnot for a while. At about five minutes I pretty much just start getting that pain in my side and run out of energy and have to walk for a while before I can bump it up to 5 (6 is a 10 minute mile on the treadmill we use) and go for maybe 3 more minutes. Maybe your body is just wanting you to slow down a bit. After all, I am darn amazed at how you were able to get to how you were doing so quickly, and maybe your body is catching up with you.

My guess on tempo runs is maybe different paces.. like on the treadmill, David does 3, 4, 5, then back to 3, and just varies things. And I bet a great way to do a tempo run is to.. dont laugh at me cause I do this.. have different music playing.. and run to the beat. That will give you what.. 5 minutes of different pacings, and then when you get back to trying your 10 minute miles again nonstop, you might be back to normal! Plus you get fun music to listen too.

Jen said...

We all have been there. Temp run are target runs. For instance, run a nice easy 1/2 mile, then make the next mile faster, like a 5k pace.

Now I try not to walk at all. What are you thinking before you stop to walk? Its too hot? I'm thirsty? What do you fuel with before your run?

Theresa said...

Sorry I am not a runner, so can't give any advice. Your post reminded me of The Biggest Loser when the one girl could not jump on the bench. She was afraid and although it looked so simple, it was such a struggle for her. She worked through it though and did it. Persevere!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

It might be tmi, but is it that time of the month? It always tends to slow my workouts down.

Mariah said...

Here's what I would suggest - I used to be a runner and actually you inspired me to start again, so thanks!

I would do a mile fast run in the morning and a 2 mile easy run later in the early evening every other day for about a week. Then take 2 days off and try to get back to your three mile run. Your body could be producing too much lactic acid and making you exhausted. If the above doesn't work I have more ideas!! We've all been through this, it's both mental and physical.

In regards to the time of the month?? I always run my best when Auntie Flow is visiting :)

Gledwood said...

Hang on isn't it a 5k run anyway... 3 miles is that...

don't they say something about hitting the wall and you just run past that?

I did some 15 mile walks as a 9 year old kid. They were fun... but running is not my forte at all. I had "sprinter's legs" (true! ~ v muscly. If you look at joggers they all have skinny legs. I was too athletic when I was younger... (o if only now)

Recently I heard you can do the London Marathon and just walk it... suddenly my enthusiasm for the idea took a leap!!!

Sorry for this waste of space comment; I just wanted to say hi


Teamarcia said...

Just found your blog.
Yep, stopping to walk is a habit we all slip into sometimes.
If you know when you do it, make a conscious effort to run longer before you walk, then work to lengthen the running time until you're not walking at all. It's totally a mental thing. Just be persistent with yourself, you can overcome it!

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Do you listen to the same music all the time? Maybe a new mix is in order...

Gledwood said...

yeah there is a thing you hit called the Wall

I think actually The Wall is what joggers hit when they simply cannot go on any further

but there's Another Thing and I don't know What It Is Called but it's a thing you pass through and after that All Is OK

that's the thing you wanna hit. Not The Wall

happy followers