Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my texter & ladies' man

Squirt has a fond appreciation (or possibly an obsession) with trying to get the most used devices in our home: i.e. computer keyboard, cell phones, remote controls, Wii controlers, and the toilet flusher.

Generally speaking, I don't allow him any of this because it does become an obsession when he gets it (just like when Moose was littler). However, at their birthday party a few weekends ago, I gave up momentarily. Big A was sick so I was handling the children (and hosting the party) by myself. So when his Auntie Alyson gave him her cell phone, I was like "whatever." And he was ecstatic!

Moose is a ladies' man. Always has been (despite old people constantly mistaking him for a girl - btw that's a BIG girl, people). Here are a few of his crushes of late.

Miss J, of course. He has had a love affair (or possibly just a BFF affair) with her since...he started walking, I'd say. He loves her mom and dad (which is good), her siblings don't really seem to register on his attention scale (overpowered by J's beauty, I'm guessing). And she has probably about as much energy as he does (she just composes herself slightly better as she is older).

Apparently my son has a thing for older women. Not only Miss J (who is approximately half a year or more older than he) but my friend, Rachel. She's my age but Moose has become taken with her.

Mama: Moose, we're going to church.
Moose: We see Rachels? (always Rachels...reminds me of the part in Selena where the guys call her Selenas)
Mama: Yes, we'll see Rachels. And Josiah (her son) and Nick (her husband).
Moose: We see Rachels. We see 'siah and 'ick.
He cried when we went to their house awhile back because I'm pretty sure he thought she lived at church. That has been corrected as we've been to their house a few more times.

Rachel(s) was in a wedding this past Friday. Moose said "Rachels, Rachels" while she walked up the aisle, sometime during the ceremony, and as she walked down the aisle. Then he proceeded to want to harass (or pursue, I'm not sure which) her at the head table - while we were standing in line for food/cake. I let him go say hi to her a few times and then after he ate, he proceeded to run run run (as he's known to do) around the hall. He made a stop every time at the head table to say "hi Rachels" before he ran off again. Can I just say she is a good sport.

These boys...gotta love 'em!


angie said...

Your boys are SOOOOOO cute. You're going to have to watch out for swooning ladies. :)

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