Monday, June 28, 2010

Half-Pint House

I wanted to share with you this morning this cute little blog and shop that I've found (and read about through the blogosphere lately).

Half-Pint House is (as her blog subtitle says) an acquired chaos. Well, I think it's more adorable than chaos. Megan blogs about her family and faith (sounds familiar to me). She has a great talent for writing and a big love for God - both things I greatly admire in a person.

Megan also has a talent for sewing and she has been sewing her little heart out making little zippy bags and pencil holders and such. Why? To fund her way to the Relevant Conference this year. She's so close to her goal and I wanted to help. Since anything not in the "need" category has been outed in this household budget, I thought I would spread the news to you, my lovely readers.

I'm personally in love with her Very Hungry Caterpillar zippy bag. That's my and Moose's favorite story - and the book that Squirt flips through most often, I've noticed. But there are other really adorable zippy bags. I also really like the memory verse holders - what a great tool to use so you can carry your verse and pop it out to read it while retaining it to memory (there's also a very cute Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric you can use for it hehe).

So go check out the blog, the Tweets, and the Facebook statuses. And, of course, the shop.

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Going to stop by! Happy Monday!

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