Friday, May 28, 2010

what's wrong with him?

After our first sort of unsuccessful doctor's appointment two days ago, we headed back up to our own doctor yesterday afternoon. We had saved a few...a lot...of dirty diapers that were stored in our fridge until we left (in baggies, of course) so that we could show her the blood in Squirt's stools.

We spent probably over an hour there, getting x-rays and blood drawn (only a finger prick but still). And the joys of all joys that I don't think most parents get to enjoy, I got to scoop poop from his diapers into little cups for samples.

Poor guy cried and cried. He cried when she pushed on his tummy. He cried when we held him down for blood. He cried when I sat him down for x-rays. But he finally ate. Formula (he did not like Gatorade or Pedialyte or water that I'd been trying to give him for a day). Downed 8oz.

Our doctor wanted to observe him overnight, so we ended up in the hospital. They tried to draw blood, couldn't find a vein, then realized they didn't need blood until this morning (ugh!). After trying to get this vital and that vital, they finally left the kid alone. And he just crashed.

I took Moose to get diapers and formula for Squirt before having supper. Then Moose & Big A headed home (after much debate after who should stay and who should go - so hard to leave either kid).

Squirt slept in the big hospital crib from 9-12, then slept with me until 2 when we were up for an hour. We watched some Cheers and Fraiser whilst channel surfing and him chowing another bottle. His stools were still bloody. I called my mom who was going to pick my little sister up from a band trip (I knew she'd be awake). Then we slept until about 6 when he kept spitting out his pacifier and I decided he was hungry.

Then they came in and drew blood (it was so hard for them to find a vein still). He downed some more bottle (so nice to see him eat). That's about when I realized he was starting to feel better. Slapping me on the face (not in a mean way but just his way), his temp was back down under 99, he was getting squirmy and moany (sort of his sound). He started to play with the toys they had, standing in the crib.

When the doctor came, she saw he was doing better. She said we won't get results back from the stool samples for a few days - a few weeks (Big A thought she said a few days yesterday, I thought she said a few weeks today so we don't know lol). We talked about the half marathon and triathlons and such. She had brought Moose's Cars cars which we'd forgotten at her office (oops).

Then Big A & Moose came to pick us up a little while later. He brought me breakfast (which a nurse had brought me breakfast too) yummy.

We're home now. We still have no answers. Few instructions: feed him as he tolerates (applesauce and mushed up bananas; not baby food bananas bc of the added acid), keep an eye on his temperature and his stools (they're still bloody & mucus-y diarrhea). To wash our hands after we handle his diapers; she didn't say he was contagious though.

And now we wait and hope for answers.


Mariah said...

Oh man... how frustrating for you to not have any answers. Hopefully it's just a virus thing and he'll be back to slapping you in the face. :) I'll be thinking and praying for a you all!

Alicia said...

oh lady, that's rough. i'm so sorry! i hope the little guy is ok.... and i hope you get some answers soon! he's in our prayers for sure!!

Jen said...

Oh my what an ordeal. I hope that you get some answers soon.

Jen said...

Scary... praying with you.

Gledwood said...

I hope you have some answers by now...

Sounds like the little boy is just in pain, all that crying.

I hope he is better by now and it is all OVER.

Muthering Heights said...

Poor little guy!!!! I hope they figure something out soon! :(

EmmaP said...

it's always hard when it's your own little ones. I would rather be in pain and sick than watching my kids go through it! praying for you my dear... Let's hope it IS a few days!

Emma said...

Sorry to hear you guys are going through this! I pray you get good results soon! Sending hugs from over the seas!

Erin said...

YIKES! I hope he gets better in a hurry! How scary to not know what is going on!

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