Friday, May 7, 2010

Plan B {review}

I greatly apologize because this book review was due on Monday, so I am behind schedule. However, I still wanted to share with you about "Plan B" by Pete Wilson because it is a fantastic book.

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"Do you remember the day you discovered your life wasn’t going to turn out quite the way you thought?
It happens to everyone sooner or later.
All of us have had dreams, wishes, goals, and expectations that, for a variety of reasons, have not come to fruition.
Plans fizzle. Expectations come to nothing. Trusted people let us down—or we let ourselves down. Dreams shatter or slip away.
Has it happened to you?
Plan A comes to an abrupt stop, and you’re not sure if there even is a Plan B.
Maybe the realization hits you in the form of illness or even death— a terrifying diagnosis, a sudden descent into the world of hospital beds and IVs, the sudden loss of a close friend or family member. Maybe it involves a disillusioning church experience or a financial reversal. Or maybe your shattered dreams come with divorce papers. You expected to finish your life with the partner you married. But your marriage is ending, and you’re hurt and disappointed."

We've all had our Plan Bs. Days, weeks, months, years where life is just not going according to our plan. We feel disappointed, frustrated, confused, and too often, alone. "Plan B" is a reminder that we aren't alone. God is there with us in the midst of the pain, hurt, anger, loneliness.
Pete Wilson doesn't sugar coat these hard times with unbiblical "truths" like "God doesn't give you more than you can handle." He speaks truthfully about real pain felt when life is crumbling all around you. When you ask the questions "why?" or "Are you there God?" or "do you really know what you're doing?" Wilson reminds us that although the reasons behind the Plan Bs may never be known, God is there walking through it with us, and He really does know what He's doing.

Plan B made me think a lot about where I am in life. I know my life is not a Plan B - I have a great husband, two kids, a roof over my head (despite the mold in our basement), and plenty of food and other amenities of life. However, I have been in Plan B situations. Our entire trek to Virginia was one big Plan B in one way or another.
By this time in life, I thought I'd be living in a cute little house (out in the country) with a picket fence and swing set in the back yard. When Big A lost his job and we headed halfway across the country, I was petrified. When we got there and realized it was a bad situation for us as a family, I questioned God bringing us there. Did we follow His Path? Did we pray enough? Were we just ignoring Him to do our own thing?
I wasn't sure (still am not), but I do know that a book like Plan B would have helped me lean further on God while in my Plan B situation.
This is one of those books that, while I'm reading, I think of who else could use this book. "I know her life isn't where she wants it at all," "his life could totally use this book," etc. However, this book was meant for me. To look deeper at where God has taken me in life and to realize that if I ever come against a Plan B again (which I will) that He is with me, I can lean on the understanding that He is in charge and He knows exactly what the big picture is, even when I'm stuck looking at a droplet of paint.

Amazon has Plan B on sale for $10.19.

I was given the opportunity to read "Plan B" by Pete Wilson via BookSneeze. My opinions are my own and you may or may not enjoy this book as much as I did. 


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that sounds like the book for me. :)

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Thanks S Club Mama - this book looks interesting - i think if I saw it at B & N - I'd walk right by it - so it's nice to have a review. . .also thank you for your comment on my blog about standardised testing. . .my kid is learning so much being at home this past week - we have one more week to go! he'll be smarter than the other kids when he goes back!!

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