Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day and my first "run"

I wasn't going to post this weekend but today was my first "run" - the quotes are due to it not being a race. But I haven't ran with anyone else (except Big A) yet, so I was excited. However, my excitement was dampened (slightly) because the only runners in the Breast Cancer Run/Walk were the leader (a lady from aerobics), 15-20 little boys (under age 10), and myself (pushing my boys).

Big A had to work this morning and was busy so couldn't run with us, so I had to push the boys. Let's just say it was about 70 lbs I would guess. 45 for Moose, 19-20 for Squirt, and 5 or so for all of our crap and the stroller itself. Whew!

We ran around town; it was approximately 2.3 miles. I only walked a few times (up some hills and when I just needed to) and I finished it in 25 minutes 9 seconds. My pace was just under 11 minutes - that's pretty good for me alone, let alone pushing them! I was proud of myself.

I wasn't even the last runner to finish; I sprinted toward the end to beat a couple of the boys (who totally cheated by cutting across the grass). They were saying their goal was to beat me because I was so slow (don't worry, I was razzing them about walking when I was running and pushing 70 lbs haha). All in good fun.

After a brownie, 1/2 a cookie, and water (and 2 1/2 cookies, 2 gummy snacks, and water for Moose), I gathered enough energy to take the boys to the park. I only had to yell at one kid for backing down the stairs to the slide and almost taking Moose out (who was behind him).

Then we came home, stubborn Squirt went down for a nap, I showered, and we got a couple of cute May Day baskets from our friends Lilli & Bradyn. :D

Happy May Day! How were/are your weekends?


Nicole Joy said...

Great pics! And nice time especially for pushing that weight! :)

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

HAPPY MAY day to u too and u have lovely pics too:-)))

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Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I am so proud of you, your time was great - you are on the right path!

What a cute little surprise for May day! We had bugs party yesterday, I will post some pics soon.

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