Wednesday, April 7, 2010

weight loss wednesday

20 pounds! That's right, folks. Since July {since Squirt's appearance}, I have lost {over} 20 pounds! I actually hit the two-zero mark last week, but thought some of it would reappear with my weekend in Wyoming {eating out, being sick, not working out}.

No reappearance here! I still lost .7 since last week. Not bad considering.

I've also done it. I count calories. I will not do it forever {no ma'am}. I want to be aware of what I'm consuming; how much I'm really eating. Today is day 2 {of the many numerous times I've tried doing this}. Yesterday, I didn't even hit the 1,100 mark. I thought I ate a lot more. And maybe I did when I wasn't writing it down. I could see how this could help people lose.

You think "I really want chips" and then you see that 16 = 140 calories. Considering a small orange is between 25-45 {my mind went blank on the right number}, that's a lot. I did indulge myself in to 1/2 oz of chocolate {1/2 an Easter cross} and 16 chips today. I did have a healthy lunch {I love that tomatoes and pickles are not fattening by any means because they dress up a boring sandwich like no other}.

The hardest thing was with my chili I made tonight. I had no idea how to calculate that! I took all the ingredients and found out how much all of those calories for the whole entire chili batch {and made note that we really need to switch back to 93% beef}. I figure this will be about 8 servings {I think}. So it's not bad; only 243 per serving.

Anyway, it's not as bad as I thought to count calories. I don't want to be obsessive but I do like feeling that I know what I'm putting in to my body. It makes me think about my choices {and know that I can still have SOME of what I crave...just not 3 servings}. And some things you can eat a ton of {green beans, tomatoes, oranges} without feeling the least bit bad. But I am also not going to go out and buy a scale or anything. Not only do I not have the money, I'm not going to do this forever. But I do agree it's a good weight loss tool for a mindless snacker like myself.

But 20 pounds lighter and I have more clothes to fit in to. The bad news is that {some of} my clothes are already beginning to be too big. Yes, this is a good thing, too, but bad for my budget. I also tried on a pair of slacks from high school {my favorite dress pants ever; they look like tuxedo pants}. I can fit them on! I even buttoned the outside buttons {they have those two buttons like dress pants do}. They were tight as heck and there was much muffin-top going on, but they fit! Now to make them fit WELL.

My hubby's home. Gotta go give him some lovin'. Enjoy your night.


Erin said...

WHOO HOOO 20 lbs! That's awesome! I hit 15 not too long ago and am slacking on getting the remaining 10 off, but did it just like you did, and like you said, it's nice to know what you are putting in your body, And nice to know I can have an apple, some veggies AND some cheese or yogurt, versus 16 chips!


Congrats on the 20lbs! That's fantastic. You're right, running with friends is so much easier. I hope you can find someone to run with!

In Light of the Truth... said...

THAT'S AWESOME!!! You've been working so hard and it's finally paying!! You're inspiring me to get back to calorie counting--like you, not to be obsessive about every detail, but to be more conscious of your choices and what you're putting in. Keep up the good work!!

Kristin said...

That's amazing. You rock! I reeeeeeeally need to get back into shape and revamp my diet!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

That is fantastic! You are on the right track! Just keep it up!

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