Wednesday, April 21, 2010

speech evaluation: step 4 and finale

Yesterday we met with Ellen, the early childhood education specialist (aka preschool teacher). She was really nice, but I felt like we had already done this with Lori. It was a checklist of what he could or could not do (which we really did with Lori in our first meeting).

There were a few things that I hadn't thought of (I still haven't given him scissors) to do with him. I learned he can make a "house" out of blocks (3 blocks, 2 blocks, 1 block). He cannot copy a vertical line but can sort of copy a horizontal one. Etc. Some things he could do, some absolutely not.

Then this morning, Lori (the ESU coordinator), Ellen (preschool teacher), her student teacher (a friend from college ironically), and the high school superintendent came to our house for a meeting.

They went over evaluations (I'll spare you the details) in which he was judged as normal for his age (even if on the lower end of the spectrum in the language development). We decided to meet again in July to see if his enunciation has improved.

I think that is a great idea. Hopefully by then we'll see some improvement in our communication with the little guy. And I hope to have him potty trained by then (we'll see). So that was that and Moose is normal (mostly haha).


Stacey said...

Awesome :) Kids just really figure things out at their own pace. Some that are light years ahead in speech are so far behind in other areas.

Erin said...

Nothing to worry about!!!
Keep doing what you do Mama! You are doing awesome!!

Alicia said...

we went through all of this with boogie, actually we still are! sounds like he's getting well taken care of, keep up the good work!! hope you guys have an awesome weekend! :) hugs!

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