Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I've never participated in MckMama's Not Me! Monday before, but here we go...

  • I did not travel from eastern Nebraska to eastern Wyoming with my husband & kids (and little sister for half the trip) while being very sick. I wouldn't put my germs in such close proximity for everyone.
  • My husband and boys did not end up sick by the time we arrived back home yesterday. No Moose doesn't have another ear infection and Squirt is not hacking up a lung today.
  • I did not skip my workouts with lame excuses like "I'm sick" and the elevation is too high. I wouldn't do that!
  • I didn't eat horribly either. I wouldn't eat chips, cookies, candy, and fattening fast foods all weekend - and let my family, too. That wouldn't be healthy.
  • I did not end up crying because I was so frustrated on our trip home. And the baby didn't cry (almost) literally all the way home. He would not take 5 - 15 minute cat naps rather than a good nap. No, he's so good; he'd never do that.
  • I did not swear off going on vacation this summer. No, I wouldn't do that; who wouldn't want to travel with a crying baby and whiny toddler? Me of course!
  • I did not take pictures off of my dad's iPod (of my kids & myself) & post them on Facebook. And he didn't call me this morning to take them down (and email me).
  • My FIL did not offer to set up $500 CDs in my boys' names. He couldn't be that sweet (ok, he really is). That is so not a blessing.
  • I am not sitting here praying that the baby would take his second nap sooner rather than later. I'm not counting the hours/minutes/seconds until Big A comes home. No, I'm Super Mommy; I'd never do that.
Alright, not a bad effort for my first time. Head on over to MckMama's to enjoy more Not Me! Monday fun.

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