Monday, April 5, 2010

loooooong trip

We started out Thursday by picking up my little sister and ending up in western Nebraska at a motel because the kids wouldn't sleep in the car. We got to Wyoming the next day & spent the weekend at my sister's house with my other sister & dad.
We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt on the military base for my sister's squadron. Moose loved the Easter bunny - harassed him (a la Rudolph). Even Squirt was excited; his little legs just kicked with excitement when I took him over.
My parents (my mom has shingles so stayed home to avoid spreading it to the boys) bought the boys Easter baskets. We got the boys little things, too (a Cars sticker book for Moose and a musical toy for Squirt...Moose won't take the stickers out of his book and loves Squirt's toy too).
I was sick the whole weekend. My boys (all 3) ended up getting sick too. Moose has another ear infection (which I mistakenly thought you couldn't get after having tubes put in) and Squirt sounds awful. Big A probably has an ear infection too but the doctor's appointment would cost him well over $100 so we can't afford for him to go. I feel bad I got them all sick, too. We are definitely not traveling sick ever again - it sucked.
The boys hate the car. Especially the little one. He cried most of our 8 hour trip home - literally slept maybe 40 minutes (the whole trip, not in one lag either). We were grumpy and not very nice to one another on the way home.
It's nice to get out sometimes but man, there's no place like home.

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Studying to be a Mommy said...

How fun! Even though those road trips are stressful, it must have been nice to visit Amber.

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