Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Should a Christian Live?

I had the opportunity to review How Should a Christian Live? through Book Sneeze. This devotional and journal is from The Word of Promise Next Generation series. The book comes with an MP3 formatted CD that you can (and I did) upload onto your computer to listen to. You can (again, I did this) upload it to your iPod (or other MP3 device).

I enjoyed the fact that the Bible selections (1 Corinthians through Philemon) were from the Reader Friendly Edition. I usually am an NIV reader but this version made passages otherwise under a cloak of mystery much easier to understand. However, the puzzles and word searches in the devotional did not really add to that understanding. I didn't feel like they helped with the depth of this Bible study. However, the written passages in the devotional book did offer some insight and encouragement that would benefit a new believer.

Overall, I appreciated the different Bible version and MP3 format that would make this appealing to younger teenagers. However, this devotional would be best fitted for those looking for milk, not solids.

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