Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get dressed!

Maybe you have noticed (or not) one of the buttons on my sidebar:
Sarah Mae from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee has a lovely blog that you should visit. She is a very insightful Christian woman who just exudes peace and tranquility (at least for me).
She has challenged at-home moms (including herself) to get out of those sweats, yoga pants, gym shorts, baggy ol' t-shirts, and whatever other comfy clothes that grace your bodies during the day. Instead, take some time (that morning or the night before) and pick out some actual clothing (she says yes to jeans, no to tees). Whether that be a nice top, a dress, some jeans, khakis - dust off your Sunday best if you feel up to it! Put some make-up on (more than mascara and chapstick - although I need me some chapstick today) and do your hair (or try in my case).

I missed out on this challenge yesterday. I did, however, have some jeans on when I visited the grocery store last night.

So today, I got up and showered (quickly because Squirt was awake in his crib). I put a whole bunch of junk in my hair to try to tame it (it's humid today!) without spending a lot of time on it. I put some make-up on (which I sweated off most of it already) - even eye liner (a bit later). I had khaki shorts on with my blue top. However, I did don some gym shorts and a t-shirt to jog/walk to see Big A at work with the boys - I am NOT a fan of sweating in my nice clothes. When I got home, I changed back into my blue top but put on my jean shorts because they give my tummy a little more grace than the khakis.
I will say that I pulled my hair out of its ponytail and was pleasantly surprised. It looks decent. I hate in movies when women pull out their ponytails and their hair looks perfect. Mine rarely does. I always have that bump - why don't they have that bump? grrr.
Anyway, here's my look for the day:
It's kind of a bad picture but give me some grace - I was trying to get in place with the 3 seconds the photobooth application gives me. LOL But this picture makes me realize how stumpy my legs look in these shorts. Darn Bermuda shorts on a short person.

Maybe a gift certificate to DownEast Basics would help out my vertically challenged legs! Today for the Get Dressed challenge, there is a giveaway to DownEast Basics. Head on over for your chance to win!

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