Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CSN giveaway WINNER

Wow! Yesterday just flew on by and without me realizing it was the last day of my CSN Stores giveaway. So when I just realized that it ended at midnight, I figured I'd go ahead and pick a number.

I'm still new at using this random generator number thing, so I'm having some issues today with getting it to copy & paste the way I want. I really am using the generator, though. If you notice below, it says "Max: 100" - there were not 100 entries, nor did I put 100 in there. There were 11 the lucky 10th commenter is -

True Random Number Generator 10 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Natalie from Natalie's Sentiments! Congratulations - you win the Melissa & Doug Pound-a-Peg! That little gal of yours is just the right age for it, too (and that baby will be too before you know it!) 
You have 48 hours to email me back so I can email your information to my contact at CSN Stores. 
If you didn't win, check out Natalie's post about other CSN giveaways


Muthering Heights said...

Congrats to the winner! :)

Gledwood said...

Hi thanks for the comment about reading the Bible, this is my reply. I've never been 100% sure of the protocol on responding to comments (perhaps there is no protocol) so I'll repeat it here:

I wish I could give advice about studying the Bible effectively... some years ago, when I was staying with someone who was totally hostile to the idea, I found myself waking without fail at around 4am, when I had the chance to read the good book for an hour or more, before falling asleep with my head in the pages... I learned an awful lot in this period. Now that I have my own space the Bible reading has fallen by the wayside and I really feel I should resurrect it. They say God speaks via scripture and I miss the voice of God, know what I mean?..

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